Tuesday, June 1

The Burning Question...

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend.

Are you ready for the question?

What types of books do you like to read?
What book(s) are you reading right now?

I enjoy reading different types of books, but I usually have my nose buried in girlie books with a mix of drama, history, comedy, social and/or relationship issues. Recently, I joined a book club here in Quebec City. It is a group of 15 or so, who range from 30-85 in age. They are all Anglophones (English speaking)
which makes it nice for me.
This month we read The Birth House
by a Canadian author, Ami McKay.

First, let me tell you that I really enjoyed this book. I was immediately drawn to the main character, Dora Rare. As the first daughter born into the family after five generations you know right away that she is special. Others quickly realize the same thing in the small village of Scots Bay, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, special doesn't always mean good. Shadowing the village midwife, Dora's hands not only catch the falling babies, but she is forced to juggles the future of Scots Bay.

Your turn!


Unknown said...

Books? Yes, please. Any kind at all will do for me! I do enjoy a good mystery, but I'm not partial. And your book sounds very interesting! I think that may be next on my reading list! :0)

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love to read and have since I was little.
I adore LuAnn Rice books which all take place in New England and each book brings in characters from other books.
Hope your weekend was fun, Ann!
xo, misha

thaeter7 said...

I love to bounce around with my reading, and some of my favourites are "Bryce Courtney " Wilbur Smith
Jodi Picoult.
I am presently reading "Under the Dome" by Stephen King.
This is a very heavy book to lug around and I cant seem to finish it as quickly as i would one of the other authors.
The book you mentioned sounds interesting and will be the next on my list.

Unknown said...

I've read many Steven King, Harlan Coban, Janet Evanovich, historical romances, murder mysteries, all kinds.
I haven't read anything lately, but I'm sure I'll get back in the grove soon.

Kristin said...

I just finished The Piano Teacher. It was wonderful. The setting was Hong Kong pre, during and post WWII.

A great story and would make a perfect book club selection!

RedPoppy said...

I've just finished reading The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano. It was heartbreaking, thoughful, and haunting. I'm still thinking about it!