Tuesday, April 27

The Burning Question....

I'm hoping more people start to participate in "The Burning Question...." each and every Tuesday here at AnnOnandOn. For all of you who read my blog and never comment.... how about leaving one this week? Come on.

Outside of your family and friends...
what are five things that make you smile?

My answers:
Things that sparkle
Summer dresses with flip flops
The sound, smell and feel of nature
Mail (not bills)

Your turn.....


burlap+blue said...

I'll play:)
the first pedicure of the season
sunny spring days
writing/receiving thank you cards
coffee dates w/ friends
reconnecting w/ old friends

fun question, thanks!

Unknown said...

fun with old friends


watching the Celtics or the Red Sox with Hubby

funny jokes

a great book

My Mercurial Nature said...

~Breakfasts with girlfriends
~Fixing my Daughters hair in braids
~Watching Son play baseball
~Early morning coffee & blog-time
~Cozy sweaters for cool spring days

Adrienne said...

Well this is great I think I might just do this post today

Anonymous said...

~ Impromptu get-togethers
~ A pile of new fabrics
~ The Beach
~ Magazines in the mail every month
~ Babies

Unknown said...

Were you talking to me? (readers who never comment...:oP )
Okay, here goes:
new babies
rainy sleeping in mornings
friends at my door
and surprise flowers for no reason

Flat Creek Farm said...

fresh ground coffee
my donkeys' hee haws :)
hummingbirds at the feeder
laughter from someone i love

hahamommy said...

*seeing my garden
*mexican coca-cola
*pan au chocolate
*baby laughter

(maybe I shouldn't write these lists when I'm hungry ;P)

Tiffany said...

-Baby laughs
-A clean house (especially when someone else cleans it)
-A day at the spa

Steph said...

Freshly washed bedding
bi-weekly pedicures
my students
dancing with friends

Belinda said...

My boys(teenagers) climbing into my bed to talk and never wanting to leave....

A great worship service

The moment I see something in HIS word.

My hubby's smile

A card in the mail from a sweet friend.

Oh the list goes on and on....thanks for the post

Pamela Scott said...

love your answers here are mine..

my dog Dozer, the way he cocks his head when he sees me...

the smell of fresh baked cookies

clean laundry

fresh cut grass

being able to sleep in

Losing in the City said...

going to the spa
getting out of work early
saturday brunch with friends
getting a seat on the train when i am really tired
i know you said no family, but my family makes me smile so much...:-)

Tiffany said...

the first cup of coffee in the morning

New episodes of TV Shows

A mom with a stroller and a baby bjorn and a dog walking down my street

my dog who's so ugly he's cute


OneCraftyFox said...

Oh, I like this a lot!

* Coffee in the morning
* Pretty fabrics
* Flat sandals
* Waking up and finding my kitty cuddled up next to me
* Comments on my blog :)

Mommy4Life said...

My family
Summer- going to Virginia Beach to see my Mom, Dad, & Family.
My step-dad's laugh
My kids saying things completely ridiculous but funny things.
Spring when all the flowers bloom

Anonymous said...

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