Saturday, January 30

Bag Lady

The mailman (well, I'm not sure if it's a man or women) came this week and left me this.

Look at this fancy box!

A special someone sent me this bag. I love it and I appreciate the thoughtful gift.

I love the birds on the fabric.
I already have my bag packed for work on Monday. This might just be the first time I am looking forward to my 7:00 a.m. student on Monday mornings.

Do you carry a bag everywhere you go? More than one?
I never leave the house without at least one bag...more like two or three,
a lot of just in case stuff.

What is something you have in your bag that someone might find funny or strange?

Did you see my giveaway? You don't want to miss it....a pair of "you pick" eyeglasses.


Claudya Martinez said...

I always leave the house with at least one bag. There is nothing particularly funny or strange in my bag, just too much practical stuff.

Brooke said...

It would depend on what bag I had with me.. hmmm I do have something odd in one of my bags that whenever someone sees it or touches it they look at me odd.. Nope can't tell you what it is... Although some people think it strange that I crazy fruit jerky (strips) and veggie pouches for the kids snacks

Diane Schmidt said...

oh that is so pretty!
A client of mine made me a quilted patchwork bag for Christmas and I don't often leave home without camera and water are in it as well as a magazine and sometimes an apple.

House Queen said...

I almost always have two Veras with me at all times! One time as I was carrying my stuff in to work, they were laughing because I have FOUR different Vera bags! LOVE EM! Wish that special someone would send me one too! LOL

Unknown said...

I always have some of my son's business cards with me. He has an online four-wheel drive parts and accessories business, and whenever I see a Jeep in a parking lot, I leave one of his cards on the door window or windshield.

Jill said...

Who sent you the bag??

I always have a bag with me. My purse is more a bag than a purse and always has my camera, my wallet, mailing supplies, lipstick, a nail file, coupons and so on. I always wonder how men get by without carrying one.

Fifi Flowers said...

FAB to receive presents left my the mailperson! GREAT bag!

Green Acres in the City said...

I am a Vera nut! Self proclaimed I admit it. Need a 12 step program here. I love to find them on Ebay, I am not proud gently used or previously loved is ok too!

Working Mommy said...

LOVE that bag! I'm jealous!!