Monday, December 7

A Visit from Ma Mère (my mom).

We are having a great time! Here are a few highlights from the visit so far.
First things first. Barely getting out of our p.j.'s we walked over to the boulangerie (bakery).
To work off a few of those calories we walked then we waiting for the bus...

Here comes Santa Claus (Père noël), Here comes Santa Claus (Père noël)....right down Rue Saint-Jean....

Talk about riding in style.

Kids gathered to see Père noël (Santa Claus)
and do a little skating at Carre D' Youville in Old Quebec.

I interrupt this post to due to narcolepsy. Seriously, I am falling asleep as I type. We are getting a work out walking around the city... I must sleep.

Have you ever been posting then all of a sudden.... you hit your wall?


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

You and your mom are adorable! I love all of your photos!

Yep, I am guilty of blogging narcolepsy myself!

Unknown said...

You and your Mom are beautiful! and you're making me want to visit Quebec again.

Leslie M. said...

Oh how sweet! Your mom is just beautiful!! Precious Memories!! Hugs,

Jill said...

I'm so glad she made it safely to you and that you're already busy having fun together.

Your self-portrait is so cute!