Sunday, December 6

Grab a Stool. Take a seat. I'm Reviewing CSN.

I worked in retail for about 18 years. I managed Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor, a high end retail store and Macy's. Within hours of taking down the cobwebs and ghosts we start trimming the trees. From black and orange to seeing green... You know what I mean right? The Benjamins baby...($100.00 bill) The faster it gets out the faster we made money.

The season begins....trying to find a spot in the packed parking lot, walking a mile to the nearest door through the first snow storm of the year, dodging far sighted drivers without their glasses, then finally making it into the store. Now, it's time to get the pads on for some serious elbow throwing..... Talk about zapping the fun out of giving.

The lack of time and shear loathing of the mall has George, Abraham, Alexander, Andrew and some of the other boys shaking in their trousers. Wait...what do I see? It is really an angel? An angel in my inbox? A thoughtful man from CSN/Dining Rooms Direct clicked his way through the blog world and found Annonandon. With his halo and wings he took me to check things out. All I have to say is.... Great Products, Easy to use and PERFECT for holiday shopping. No parking needed. No pads needed. And, best of all you can sit in your p.j.'s to start and finish your shopping.

I needed to take a seat, so I headed to the counter stools. Not really, but I love houses with bar stools/stools especially in the kitchen. The kitchen is always where the party congregates, it's better to have seats so they stay out from under your feet. (Check out the FREE SHIPPING.) After drooling there, I went to my favorite place, housewares. I just love bowls, serving trays, coffee makers, choppers.....all the accessories make me giddy. It didn't take long to find a few things I just couldn't live without...... Go on over you'll understand what I mean.

With all the time I've saved, I'm off to bake cookies. Oh my goodness, I forgot to tell you the second best part of my visit from the angel................ I'm hosting a giveaway! Keep checking back, I'll post the giveaway in just a few days.

Thanks for stopping by.

The stool in the photo is the Hillsdale Archer.
(Something I decided to tell you. It is not something the CSN angel asked me to do)


Unknown said...

Was that the angel of Christmas future??

AuroraSuzette said...

What a nice Christmas angel!