Saturday, April 4


A few friendly words written by the hands of a new friend brightens an ordinary day. The lost art of handwritten notes resurrects and simple pleasures prevail.

We are in our second round of "I love being carded!" card swap. A few bumps along the way, but we are getting into a nice groove. The mailbox is always open. If you would like to join leave me a comment.

For the last two weeks I have been hosting a giveaway from a talented Etsy artist, Two Guitars. This super cute five piece stationary set will now fall into the lucky hands of, Michelle-Honest and Truly, congratulations. A big thanks to all of you who participated. Next week, I will be featuring another Etsy artist and hosting another giveaway.


Michelle said...

See, toldja I was behind in my reading :) Thank you! I'm excited!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I just got my first card in the mail yesterday. It made my day!!!! Thank you for hosting this!

Nikki Cogg said...

Hi Ann!! I left a comment on a previous card post but I haven't heard back so I thought I'd leave one here, too. I would LOVE to sign up for this card swap!! Just let me know what info you need from me. Email address is nikbrown at comcast dot net

Valerie said...

Ann I also would like to be added to the card swap. Let me know what cha need. Thanks

Kristy said...

I left a comment before, too, and hope I wasn't too late. I would like to be in on the card swap. Thanks!

Emma said...

I thought I had signed up for this but I have not received any info on who I should be mailing a letter to. What do I do? I have my cute stickers and everything?