Friday, January 16

Traveling here and there, now Home?

Where is Waldo has turned into where is Ann....Well, we left Idaho, we left Michigan (with a short visit to Maine) now we are in Quebec City, Quebec- Canada. This is actually where most of our "stuff" is and has been for 1 year 5 months.(The other stuff is in Michigan.) It's hard to say I live here because last year I spent more time outside of Quebec City than in it. Most of our mail is addressed to our place in Michigan. Sigh. I know it's a bit confusing. Adding to the mix, we lived in Montana for just under 4 years before moving here. (I'll be sharing pictures soon.)

Here is how last year really went: May-Scotland&Quebec City, June-Idaho, July-North Carolina&Michigan, August-Quebec City&Michigan, September-Michigan,Missouri&Idaho, Oct. thru Dec. Idaho Seriously!

I am sitting on my couch(shivering...-22) in my apartment(blasting the heat) and it feels pretty surreal. I start teaching conversational English on Monday. The company I work for has allowed me to work when I am in town and for that I am very lucky. Lucky doesn't even cover it. I went from running a multi-million dollar store to not being able to introduce myself, let alone run a cash register. I would have to know my numbers in French to do that. Oh, I can say a few, but not in that beautiful French way. That being said, when I speak French the people usually switch to their bad English instead of listening to my horrible French. So many stories to come, that I can promise.

Here is where I live....

We are the middle apartment. It is called a 6 1/2. There are three bedrooms, a dining room, family room, one bathroom, a kitchen and a laundry area. We also have a deck out the back into a private backyard. Another random fact, Everybody (seriously) moves on July 1st. It is a Quebec City thing and Everyone does it. Not so funny fact when we moved here guess what day we arrived. That's right, we arrived on July 3rd, not an apartment in site. It took weeks of calls and hair pulling to find this place. The next block over, in front of us, has many restaurants, bakeries (yum), a coffee house, a few drug/convenience stores, random this and that's and an expensive flower shop. It is a wonderful as well as convenient location, 15+ minutes to the University and 15+ minutes to the Old City. Our modes of transportation consist of the bus, a bike or walking. It is really expensive to park the car and limited spaces.

The weather as stated above was -22 today. BURRR... Check out the ice on my husbands eye lashes. That I have never seen, have you?

I look forward to reminiscing, with pictures now that I am home and have access to my photos.

***There is also a give-a-way coming very, very soon...***


Aunt Julie said...'re all over the place. Well, welcome home! And remember, home is where the heart is, even if it's 22 below. BTW, I've got some Bloggy Bling for you over at my place today...Enjoy!

Holly said...

Being one that has not moved much at all, I've always had an admiration for those that do. I'm sure it has plenty of frustrations, but the excitement of new places and people (and WOW French) seems refreshing. I guess the frequent packing and unpacking, not so much.

Patois42 said...

I tried not to get stuck on the fact that it was -22. Thankfully, everything else pulled me away from that. Fascinating travels.

Cassie said...

Do you ever wake up and forget what city you are in? You sure are on the go!

The ice on the eyelashes would freak me out! I wonder how eyeballs keep from freezing...hmmmm....!

I mailed something to your Michigan address. Thank you so much for the gift that you sent me. It put a HUGE smile on my face to get a lovely surprise in the mail out of sheer kindness! Take care!!!

Jill said...

Thank you for posting pictures of your apartment, the icy eye lashes and the city street. I really want to know where you're living and what life is like there so these shots help greatly. Your apartment sounds rather spacious, especially compared to Mobe eh? I'd love to see shots of the inside too, especially when your creative space is all set up.

It must be super humbling to not be able to speak the language, that's not something most of us ever have to deal with. Wow.

mommytoalot said...

I'd love to be all those places.
Welcome home.
It's so cold here as well

Dr. Mommy said...

wow, ann- you get around! :) quebec is such a romantic mystery to me. i can imagine it's got to be frustrating to not speak the language, but french- even frustrating, it sounds intoxicating.
i love seeing where you live and how life is there! 22 below sounds like what i missed here- there may be hope. we were up to 50 degrees today. how a 70 degree temperature span can occur in a matter of a week is a mystery to me.
enjoy teaching your class! what a switch from management- and yet, eerily similar in some ways!

Dr. Mommy said...

ah- and i mailed you a card to the michigan address- do you have a canadian address? if you feel comfortable, email it to me: