Wednesday, January 14

Lovely, I've never been called Lovely

My first blogging award was given to me by, Nana's Box . The One Lovely Blog Award...super fun, right! I put on my fancy dress. (Sigh, I didn't zip it because the holidays were good to me, too good.) I found some forgotten sassy shoes. *Note to self- think before buying...and finally I rummaged around for my tiara. All dressed up and to the stage I go, "I would like to thank my parents for the love and support and my darling husband for believing in me.(Music starting to play) I can not forget Jill. The one who got me started blogging, answering question after question..." Give me back the microphone, darn it. Wrestling in a formal is not recommended.

A quick wardrobe change...and action. "It is now time to present this "Lovely Blog Award" to 7 of those who brighten my days with their creative tapping on the key board and photo magic." DRUM ROLL:
Creative Musing and Such...just check it out, you'll understand why. Wit, charm, talented photographer and GOOD MAIL QUEEN. Your mail will never be the same, go see what I mean.
Muse Bouche- My leader in Self Portrait Tuesday and blogger extraordinaire. If you haven't already, join is so much fun.
Candid Carrie She's from Sheboygan, WI...enough said. Hee. Hee. Her writing is funny and full of heart.
Alaskan Mis(s)Adventures She will make you laugh and she will make you cry. If I could blink someone to me (like a genie) it would be her.
New England Living With her super crafty writing...she will have you at Hello. (Thanks Jerry M.)
Our Daily Blessing, Life... Hands down the strongest woman I've known. If you do not believe me, read for yourself. Grab your pom pom's and Kleenex.
Suburb Sanity Brace yourself because she does not hold back...sassy, crafty and fun rolled into one.

If only I didn't play by the rules...I could go on and on (Umm, the name Ann on and on)! :D
Now, here's the info needed to pass this award on: copy, save and add the blog photo to your blog, then recognize 7 of your favorite blogs. Easy and fun!
Thanks again to Nana's Box. She has dedicated her blog to support cancer patients and fight the fight with them. The Nana's Box is her creation and passion. I love people with passion. If you know someone fighting cancer please see Nana. She has a "Nana's Box" to send out FREE of Charge.
Sooooo good to be blogging again.


larkswing said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award - and you have a great list to pass on to!

AngiDe said...

YAY!!! Congrat's! and thanks for your kinds words.... enjoy your award!! =)

"Nana's Box"

P.S. did you get your necklace yet??

Jill said...

That's mighty kind of you!

Debbie said...

Thank you so much for thinking of little ole me! And telling people to brace themselves before they visit is wise of you. There are a few people on your list that I don't know. I will head over to visit them.

Alyson | New England Living said...

Thank you so much, Ann! That is so sweet!

Dr. Mommy said...

thank you, ann! if i could blink you to me, i would, too. :) perhaps one day the stars will align.