Wednesday, January 14

Any other Bingo...any other B-I-N-G-O?

I turned to wave at my parents one last time as we turned in opposite directions on the highway. Sadness was strangling my heart. It wasn't a devastating moment just another "see you later" not tomorrow emotion. The last couple days have been filling with them. I refuse to say "good-bye".

With clear roads and a truck filled with months of memories we started our U.S.A. departure. One more over Grandmother's house we go. Sort of.

Smoke billowed in the K.C. Hall (aka, Knights of Columbus) We had absolutely no idea what K.C. stood for as my parents gave directions to see my Grandma. Since the town she lives just outside of has one stop light we had a one in four chance in finding it as we turned left. Good guess. My spunky 86 year old (87, February 11th) grandma was saving a seat for my cousin E, my husband and I for a night of Bingo-ing. One overflowing plate full of greasy onion rings, two cans of soda and some grandma snacks...we were ready for a little Bingo action. Hilariously commentary coming from our table, game after game. With happy bouncing shoulders (internal giggles) and a perm-a-grin, I had only moments to laugh...I couldn't risk missing a numbers being called. The first winner was my husband. He was the proud owner of a 10 pound turkey. Ummm, Bingo and turkey? We happened to come the night of "customer appreciation" at the hall, extra prizes and free food stirred the excitement. I "appreciated" the sinful chocolate cake one glorious bite at a time while others nibbled on tubular meat.

It was the last game of the night and I was convinced this was going to be "my time". I grabbed the dabber/dobber thingy. With every powerful colored punch to the paper I grew more confident. N36, not actually hearing the number I glanced up to the recap board. N35 was blinking. What? I won, I really won! Puffing up and bumping chests with the other winners my card was being read off. N35. The room was buzzing and loud voices were projecting from the back of the room. Did I mention, that the loud voices sounded angry? Come to find out the "caller" guy said N36 but lit up N35. Since I am the only "slow" bingo-er, I relied on the cheater board and the skills of the "caller" guy, crucial mistakes. Humm, one would not think. I felt empty soda cans and rubbish being flung in my direction. Maybe it was just arrows sticking out of my back, hard to say. How dare the new girl? My worst Bingo fear came true...the room was spinning. All I wanted to do was have the overwhelming, prideful words come out of my mouth,"B-I-N-G-O!" After I retrieved my "friends" out from under the table. We said our "see you later" to grandma. This is hard to do because I always want to ask question and learn more about her. (I will blog about her soon.)

Pizza was waiting at my cousins house along with his wife, one sleeping son and dog. I pulled the door open and walking into my pretend world. A and E nested right. A, is also one of those people who I never get enough time with, but we made the best of it until 1:00. When my eyes started to rotate inward, dragging my feet, I headed to their comfy guest bedroom. In the morning, their 20ish month old son stole every smile I had. Drained from the goodness we left at 11:30.

Hours of audio book intense driving the signs slowly turned to French. The dreamy delight of laying in my bed after 150 days of absence warmed my thoughts. When we pulled in at 1:30 am, we took in the sights of our "things" as we headed for the bounty pillow top.

Morning came too soon. With the panic of unpacking, reorganizing and starting the new year I hardly allowed time for rest. Silly I know, but that's just the way I am wired.


Unknown said...

it's so good to "catch up" with you on your adventure.! your BINGO adventures are cracking me up!

Dr. Mommy said...

bingo left even me in tears. that is so funny! what a great memory with your grandma!
i'm glad you are back in your abode! it's time for you to take a nap, i think. what a fantastic adventure.

Anonymous said...

Your writing amazes me. Love viewing your thoughts through such an entertaining blog. Yours is a special one. ME

Debbie said...

I have only played bingo a couple of times but the adrenaline rush involved quite surprised me. I really enjoyed this story.

Jill said...

Your false-BINGO is too funny. That would have been cause for anxiety for me for sure.

I'm so glad you two made it home safely with your truck full of memories. I can't wait to see pictures of your life in Canada.