Monday, January 19

High Ho...back to work I go.

(center hair part, something new...)


I began my travels for the first day back to work...high ho, high ho. Knee high piles of fallen snow stabilized my chunky, sensible, lack of fashion winter boots. The bounty of fabric upon me created summer temps in winter weather. Eight blocks of chilly air. Seven minutes of internal jitters. Butterflies within were doing some line dancing, like the first day of school so many years ago. This time I'm the teacher. (ESL) Let's use the word teacher lightly. I get paid to have conversations with other adults.

The rumbling engine of the 801 bus rapidly approached. No elbows to throw because of the off hour, my nerves started to calm. Seated in a single seat I sigh in relief. I still get public transportation fright. It took so many weeks to find the right route for the straight shot down Rene Le Vesque or Chemin Ste-Foye and buckets of sweat trying to get off. You pull a yellow string and stand by the door. Hummm, that didn't work. I pull the string again. The bus stopped, but the door didn't open,again. I'm freaking out. Not only because I felt like a prisoner in a foreign land, but I also had to walk about two miles back to my apartment. Four stops later someone finally pushed past me to get off. I heard snickers and talking, but I couldn't understand so my feeling were spared.

Greeted by my boss and secretary with the side to side kiss using my few sentences of French finely mastered, I began to feel much better. I explained in plain English my four months away using charades and my laptop. Teaching came back with limited review....and I got the room with the best view. (See)

Note the outdoor heated pool at the Hilton to the!

A three hour break between students lead me back home for my comfy couch and kitchen food. Back on the bus. This time my personal bubble popped within moments, those Frenchies were all up in my bit-ness. (That's me talking sassy.) My seat partner huffed and the person behind me sneezed, I ran home for some anti-everything spray.

Full belly and some American pride. I secretly teared up as a new song about America was introduced on Oprah. I'm not sappy.....just proud o.k.

High ho, high ho, back to work I go for three more hours of talking.


Debbie said...

Looks pretty sweet to me!

AngiDe said...

Hey traveler! Are you in France?

"Nana's Box"

Cassie said...

Great view! Don't you just hate those darn butterflies! I don't think I could find my way around a city on a public bus, I think that's very brave of you!

Patois42 said...

That is a heck of a view. I'd love to try that pool.

Jill said...

Your self-portraits are so great! What in the world is that hat? You look seriously bundled up. Do the temperature swings drive you crazy though? I hate getting all bundled up only to end up sweating. I have issues though.

Dr. Mommy said...

i love the pictures! how fun to get to go have chats with people and get paid for it! :) and the bus ride- that will be a story to be told through the ages.

Nana said...

Hold your head high. Your not sappy you are a proud American!!

larkswing said...

May your second day be even better!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you on the bus. Really awesome!! I take horible self portraits but it's because I don't take too many so I'm not practied. I'll try to get better.

If I had a view like that during the day I probably wouldn't come home with my grouchy face on.

Sounds like an awesome day to me :)

CJ, The Purple Diva said...

WOW, how exciting your work sounds. All except the part about the bus ride. I would be sweating from having to do that for sure.
Love the pictures of you as well! Too cute with the hat!
I love your style of writing. Love it!

Aubrey said...

I see the pool! Had a chance to jump in yet??