Sunday, January 18

A Great Message- Kelly Corrigan

Do you see videos on other blogs? Do you often look at your watch (or at your wrist where a watch should be) and say to yourself..."If I have time I'll come back to it"? This is one that I am really glad I took the time to sit back and enjoy. Perhaps, the messages contained within videos like this one will keep us from taking for granted the rest of our time. ...oh and grab some Kleenex.


Anonymous said...

Ok, you were right about the tissues. I have mine right here. That was so wonderful and reminded me of my girlfriends and my sisters.

Thanks so much for that share.

Aunt Julie said...

Gracious...that was a two-boxer, I think (of tissues, that is)! Thanks so much for sharing.

Debbie said...

Thanks for warning us! I can't stand a surprise cry.