Sunday, December 28

It's Sunday...I think

All the wrapping paper and fancy bows have come and gone. The love from my family being near still keeps me warm as they depart for a New Year. My fingers on the key board will once again carry my words.

The hummm of the computer tickles my brain. With a giddy little jig I find my way to the wooden chair and high speed Internet. Having limited time causes anxiety...
I reach for the notebook that's recorded my days only to find that it is not with me.... This living out of a suitcase is frustrating sometimes. Inevitably,I pack a lot of what I do not need and forget the stuff I want.

This is what I know:
-It was terrible hard to leave Idaho and the weather made it worse.
-Walking into my parents house with a numb butt and blurry vision after 4 days of driving couldn't have felt better.
-Watching my nieces and nephew open gifts from Santa brought me to tears.
-Piling my plate up of "mom's" food also brings me to tears. I'm avoiding the scale and getting seconds. :D
-Listening to my sisters belly laugh is so fun! Watching the tears roll down their face with laughter....priceless.
-Getting good-night hugs from the kids was the hightlight of each day, and the morning hugs were just as sweet.
-Sitting on familiar couches and listening to stories of months past gives me warm fuzzies.
-Finding a lonely bag of Chex mix that I could keep company is so rewarding.
-Going to church with my parent and our Sunday out to lunch reminds me that my actions speak so much louder than my words, but what I say is also important.

Happy Sunday! Off to sit on a couch in my husbands arms, watch a movie and think about nothing.... (I'm sure to sneak in and read a few more blogs before the end of the night, maybe even post again. ;D)


larkswing said...

Glad you arrived safely and such sweet blessings to welcome you!

momma said...

family time - it's great!!!

(i've been avoiding the scale, too. at least until i've been back to my exercising for a week or two)

Jill said...

I'm glad to have an update from you, and am so happy that your arrived safely and had a good Christmas!

Soak up every minute of being home!

Aunt Julie said...

We still have a few stray bows skittering around the house. The cats seem to think we purchased these satin playthings for them!

Patois42 said...

What is this "scale" you speak of? I don't think I'll learn that word for a few weeks.

Alyson | New England Living said...

So happy to hear you got in safe! Also glad to hear that you felt such joy that you were brought to tears a few times.

Have a wonderful, joyous, and safe New Year's!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hi there! I am slow in getting back to you from last week but wanted to say thank you for the blogby and hope you had a Merry Xmas. It sounds like you did!!!! I love the avoiding the scales and having seconds. That's been my last few months which needs to stop!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Holly said...

Hey there Ann. Found you through Jen and Jill and have enjoyed your blog.

Enjoy your time with family!

michelle said...

This post describes perfectly why it's so great to be home!!