Monday, November 17


I am laying in bed silently cursing at my sleeping husband for gifting me his cold. It feels like I've been snacking on sandpaper and someone filled my head up with water. With every sneeze I expect to see fluid spouting out every orifice of my head. I'm leaving out painful details of the Mack trucks that are illegally parked on my shoulders. Before Jaige fell asleep he wanted me to read him some stories from the blogging world. I suggested that we write a blog together... He started..."There once was a lovely wife", my turn,"who was hoping her husband would go to the bathroom and find her some sinus relief". As he walked to the bathroom I heard, "The End". He is sawing logs and I am spitting in a cup to alleviate the pain of swallowing.

Today, we went for a nice hike searching for elk 989. I put on my confident hat and started my strut through the woods. Using the telemetry unit, her signal (the elk) was taking us along a narrow ridge that quickly opened up into a maze of ponderosa pine. The trees were filled with chirping birds and the ground showed promising sign of wildlife. Poop. Foolishly, I even laid down, dangling my head over an edge that dropped down 30+ feet so we could take a "fun" picture. No, that was not my idea but if Jaige was willing to pose I was willing to get dirty. If it hadn't produced the most unflattering double chin image I would have proudly displayed the risk taking outcome....but no way. Just the thought of it makes me want to get out of bed to erase the pictures. Since I am making a conscious effort to document our excursions I am refraining from such actions. (And, I'm pretty comfortable.)

We decided to hike back to the truck and drive along one of my favorite, freakishly thin roads just wide enough for a super models catwalk. Never mind the fact that we were driving a truck that 140 models could fit in... I stayed focused on my week old, already read People magazine to avoid the raring of an anxiety attack. When we finally parked to "glass" the mountain side I grabbed my bag of Ann things.
Glass: take binoculars, section out the land, s-l-o-w-l-y look for the animal.
Bag of Ann things: bear spray,eye lash curler, mascara, pad of paper, glasses, miscellaneous reading material, mirror, Cliff bar, hand lotion, bronzer and a few knifes....

Together we sat side by side feeling the mountain breeze and the fall sun. I took that opportunity to read the typed sermons from my parents church. So close to heaven it seemed like the perfect place to read his words.

Another Sunday in Idaho...


Jill said...

I'm so sorry you've got Jaige's cold, that's too bad. Hopefully you can take advantage of the need for rest by staying in bed and reading a lot. That's really the best part about being sick for me.

Your Sunday sounds interesting and I'm very curious about the fun picture that you had to lie down to take.

I hope you feel better soon.

ordinarywmn said...

that post with the logger was awesome!!! I loved the pictures too, I felt like I was right there!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was unable to attend my prom so it was cool to share the experience with my daughter!!
Keep up the great stories. I love them!!