Wednesday, November 19

100 things about me...

I have seen this on a few blogs and thought it would be fun to do. So, if you want to get to know me a little more then read away... Then, every Thursday I will talk a little bit about each one, in order.

100 Things about me...

1.I write with my left hand.
2.I love my nieces and nephews more than words
3.I only drink decaffeinated liquids
4.I do not do tubular meat. e.g. hot dogs-pepperoni, it all freaks me out even though they say it isn't made with beaks and butts anymore.
5.I like to use ….. a lot..................
6.I had a dog name Albert and when he died I fell to my knees and cried. I still miss him.
7.I told a lie and it saved my life.
8.I can not leave the house without a bag or two or three...a lot of just in case items.
9.My grandpa's name is Oscar Meyer (see #4, ironic, eh)
10.I love to take long drives in the car.
11.My friend Mona is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
12.I am really afraid of snakes.
13.I have wanted a great dane for over 10 years....I'm still waiting.
14.I use to be a very bad driver or really accident prone, however you want to look at it.
15.I love getting pedicures...going to a spa.....
16.I am a very indecisive person.
17.I work really hard to have routines but it never works.
18.I love cold pizza for breakfast.
19.I fell in love with a mule name Burley.
20.I was an assistant manager for a $20 million dollar store.
21.I sleep on my stomach, side and back.
22.I was the “unsung hero” for volunteering as a rape crisis, domestic violence advocate in MT.
23.I have not eaten meat in over 7 years.
24.I did the make-up for George Foreman, Larry Merchant, Jim Lampley, and Michael Buffer for a HBO boxing match.
25.I would love to have a farm with a garden and animals.
26.I have always wanted to own a B&B.
27.I really do not like shopping. (Maybe bargain hunting here and there.)
28.I love to see my sisters and brother laughing together, it's usually my brother doing something funny.
29.I was at the home of the artist formally known as Prince, now Prince again, hanging on his electric gate when it started to open.
30.I am a bad spelter, oops I mean speller.
31.I love Hello Kitty.
32.I really want to go to the Ellen DeGeneres show.
33.Charles Barkley told me I had nice legs.
34.I think canning is fun.
35.I am jealous of people who know what they want to be when they grow up.
36.I wish I could have braces again.
37.I have the coolest 86 year old grandma who is more active than me. She lives by three C's: chocolate, cheese and Coca Cola.
38.I am going through menopause and it sucks.
39.I want to travel the world.
40.I have to take a sleeping pill to sleep at night.
41.I have ornate handwriting that is hardly legible. Nevertheless, I handwrite notes because I think they are important.
42.I wear my heart on my sleeve ~I wish I didn't.
43.I lived on a ranch in Montana and worked through three calving season. It was one of the best experiences in my life.
44.I get migraines.
45.I always have a fan on at night for the noise and because I am a hot sleeper.
46.I was at a party with Hulk Hogan.
47.I have a hard time going to bed with a dirty house. (especially dirty dishes)
48.I listen to country music,R&B just about anything other than punk.
49.I wish I had more hobbies.
50.I do not like the spotlight....anymore.
51.I wish I was thinner.
52.I love maps.
53.Every time I see a chipmunk I laugh. Just ask my husband....
54.I do not desire to live in the south...
55.I work really hard to see both sides of a story.
56.I am obsessed with making sure the doors and windows are locked before going to bed.
57.I like to purchase second hand clothing.
58.I really dislike the song “Red, Red wine....”
59.I like sectional couches and putting my feet on ottomans
60.I like water over milk (do not like milk)
61.I can not eat cheese without a cracker.
62.I love the idea of school but hated going.
63.I am not a good lier.
64.I do not like to read out loud.
65.I like to sing, in the shower, in the car, around the house....and dance. Not with a pole or on tables ;)
66.Deep down I really want to trust people, but I struggle with it. (poopy people in my past.)
67.I get sad that I do not fit in the mommy world...perhaps some day.
68.I could eat Mexican food at least once a week.
69.I wish I could go horse back riding everyday.
70.I want to volunteer more in the US and overseas.
71.For some reason I always look at the clock when it is 12:34 (1234)
72.I often struggle with the noise of people eating around me. Like in the movie theater when everyone is eating popcorn, chomping, spit mixed with food thing....
73.I spend a lot of time writing a book in my head.
74.I am thankful for everyday that I get.
75.I'm afraid to die. The whole subject creeps me out.
76.I love animals.
77.I wish I could remember “things” better.
78.Living in the mountains has made me a better person.
79.I love to have candles lite throughout the house, all the time.
80.I protested at a KKK rally.
81.I love to send mail and get mail.
82.I am the youngest of four.
83.Family's the most important aspect of my life.
84.I'm an at home consultant for The Body Shop.
85.I own Carhartt pants equipped with a knife and bear spray.
86.My husband is 7 years younger than me. Yes, that makes me a cougar.
87.I like to read the newspaper, but hate the inky residue on my fingers. It has the same effect as many experience with nails on the chalk board.
88.I use to ride in a milk truck to get to school.
89.I heart Neosporin.
90.I am slowly learning French and quickly forgetting it.
91.Sometimes when I am riding my bike to work I think I hear circus music...da da dada dada da da dada dada....because I feel like an elephant on a tricycle.
92.I love to drink club soda, sometimes I add a little white wine or fruit juice.
93.I care what people think and I think if people say they don't they are not being truthful.
94.I have not slept in my bed as of today for 97 days and I won't for another 46+ days. SIGH.
95.I enjoy reading and watch movies.
96.Mean people freak me out. (Not that I am angelic...)
97.I like high heels but have been seen wearing “sensible shoes” lately.
98.I am grateful for my parents love and support, through good times and bad.
99.I don't use adjectives when I speak, but apparently my husband has learned 300 variations of the word “thing” or “thingy” and always knows what I am talking about.
100.If you got this far then you know me better than most. :D


MaryRC said...

dude we have alot in common, although my boxer experieces are with different individuals...

and i do not mean undergarments..

Jill said...

I'm so glad you wrote this list!

I'm totally fascinated in #7, but does that mean I have to wait 7 weeks to read the back story to that?

What in the world? to #24, 29 and 33.

Unknown said...

great list! i, too, cannot stand the feeling of newsprint, and have gone to great lengths to photocopy the crossword puzzles onto regular paper!!

and i cannot STAND the song Red, Red Wine.

lots of things in common, and yet, you definitely have a lot of "uniques" on your list.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was very fun!!!!! Glad to get to know you. :)

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun to read:)
I can't wait to wake up make coffee
well James to make coffee and read your blog :)My highlight to starting a wonderful morning:)

Marilyn said...

Only 100 things? Oh my, you are a complicated lady! I've got to do this too. I don't know if there that many things about me … I didn't know meat in casings had ever contained beaks and butts. ICK! Thanks for the fun read!!! (Even more thanks for the great review of my blog!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my first attempt at commenting came through or not... Kind of new at this blogging thing. I guess that could be added to my list.

Wow, quite a list! Mine would be quite boring in comparison to your list. I am proud to say that I knew and understand most of the things on your list, but I also was able to discover new things about you. Thanks!


Alyson | New England Living said...

I love your list! You are one cool chick!

Oh, and by the way, I don't think I fit in very well in the mommy world even though I have 4 kids.

Oh and another thing - there's no way you're going through menopause! You are way too young!

Alyson | New England Living said...

Oh, just saw that you are a fan of David Sedaris. I'm loving that!

ordinarywmn said...

WOw, are we related!?? too funny, honestly I have a weird fascination with snakes, little ones creep me out, but I love to touch the bigger ones, go figure!! Mean people to tick me off to, big time and I too write lefty but my right hand like to fight for control all the time doing other things! LOL, I love the 100 things concept, I am going to have to sit down and see if I can come up with a 100 things about me!!
Honestly you sound like a really cool lady!!!

Nette said...

Well, okay you made a comment on my blog and I was led to read a post. Saw yours and glad I followed. You are one cool gal!