Thursday, November 20

100 things about me... #1

Somewhere between exiting the womb and my first crayon I decided to take the road less traveled. Or, maybe it is because I carried the LRRMT1 gene. In 2007, this was the first gene linked to increased odds of being left-handed. I do know that I have struggled with scissors, three ring binders and just about every sport that requires hands. If you ask me directions I have to hold up both my hands, one makes the cute L, from that point I can navigate you just about anywhere. If you do not see me doing this it is because I've mastered the fine art of this hidden skill to alleviate snickers.

For those of you who know me I also have my left hand to blame for my mostly illegible, curly and slanted written words. Some say it is beautiful and artsy. The reality is, I do not like to lift my writing utensil off the paper once it hits causing this van Gogh-esque penmanship. Ultimately leading to "what does that say".....

I am 100% convinced that being left handed has caused me great distress and somewhat anti-social behavioral problems in Quebec City. You know how the French (French Canadian) kiss on both cheeks when greeting one another? On many (awful) occasions I have started in the wrong (or same) direction with my personal bubble busting acquaintance. I quickly (yet unsuccessfully) try to rectify the lip to lip traumatic encounter... to no avail. It's seriously awkward......Total

Here are some Left Hand facts:
-Give or take a little, 13% of the population is left handed
-Left hand means, "weak" or "broken" (Anglo-Saxton-"lyft")
-With both of my parents being right-handed, there was on a 9% chance of having a lefty. They ended up with two. My oldest sister is also a lefty.
-Party,Party....every August 13th it is International Left-handers Day. Raise a glass to us...with your left hand!

Southpaw signing out. :D


Anonymous said...

I get to be first!!
My oldest daughter is a leftie and she can totally understand this post. The world is made for right handed people unfortunately. We tease her about her lack of fine motor skills. But, she's brilliant and kind and funny. So, here's my cheer for the left handed folks.

( My Father and each of his first born grandchildren are left handed and his first great-grandchild is left's a family thing)

Jill said...

How interesting, I had no idea that being left handed would affect cheek kissing tendencies.

My dad is a leftie, and Randy and Whitney are both lefties as well and they all have beautiful handwriting. Whitney is in 2nd grade and writes so much nicer than Landon who is in 5th and I attribute this to her left handedness.

Dr. Mommy said...

ann! thanks for visiting my blog- sorry it's taken so long to comment on yours! i actually went through and read it last night while my little one was watching spiderman (the cartoon). sadly, he finished before i could make any comments. but i think your blog is amazing! i love it! and your list is fantastic- there are so many things i wanted to say so i'll have to wait for your thursday posts! :)
my little brother is left handed and i always mocked and envied him at the same time. there's something kind of exotic about it, you know? it's different and unique.
those are some great leftie facts! :)

tootie said...

My dad is a proud lefty, too. I enjoyed reading the southpaw facts!

By the way, thanks for the nice comment on my blog! And yes, I did finally get to deliver the brownies in person, so it all turned out great. :)

I like your blog!

Anon A. Mus said...

Not that this is a left-handed comment but how did you discover that you had the gene? :)

Alyson | New England Living said...

My 6 year old is a lefty. Now I know of the sad and anti-social life she is destined to lead. I may as well institutionalize her now.

Loved your kissy, French-Canadian story!