Monday, December 3

Alone... and My Monday Pinterest Pick

It's a strange feeling to be alone in a place that is usually filled with laughter and conversation.  My dog is with my parents and my husband is tucked into the hillside of Moose Can Gully, Montana.   After a long day of grayness and fog the night sky opened up to the wonders of a star filled sky. Under the luminous specks I made wish after wish.  

Do you secretly make a wishes...?

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

The cottage is too quiet and I'm already looking forward to the beautiful sight of tomorrows sunrise.

Sweet Dreams!


Melanie said...

When I was unemployed and my family left the house it just felt wrong. I was jumping at every lil thing and then started to feel like Cinderella dreaming about the ball. =)

Beautiful pins!! I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

(thanks for the comment on my post...I would try those cookies again. It's hard to get the shapes but after a few botched ones I started to get the hang of it. Happy holidays!)

Ergo - Blog

kalyle said...

Sending you a fat hug so you're a little less alone at the cottage. Wish I was there too!!!! xoxo K

Unknown said...

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