Friday, August 17

Simple words

What impact are your words leaving on someone today?

Just the other day my Mom told me a story about my Aunt going out to lunch with a friend. While waiting she casually complimented someone she didn't know.  Before leaving the restaurant the lady (she complimented) came over and thanked her for brightening her day.  

It's such a simple thing to say something nice.

Do you remember the last compliment you received? How about one you gave?
Have a great Friday!


Unknown said...

That is so sweet! It's so true that the smallest things like this that we do can have such a great effect on someone else. Thanks for this reminder :)

Unknown said...

I once approached a couple with several small children in a restaurant and complimented on how well-behaved the children were.

Anonymous said...

When I am out and about, shopping, and I see a lady that looks nice, her hair or her outfit, I always compliment them even if I don't know them. Sometimes they are very pleased and other times they look at you weird because they have no idea who you are. Their loss... they should just take the compliment with a smile and let it brighten their day. I also try to find a reason the compliment and thank anyone who waits on me in the store or checks me out. Their jobs are not easy.

Young at Heart said...

having recieved random compliments I do try to give them as it really does put a spring in your step!!

Anonymous said...
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Rebel Blossom @ Studio 2sixty said...

I approached a woman at Chapters the other night and told her I adored the sweater she was wearing. She looked a bit stunned and simply said "um...thanks" At the checkout later she tapped my shoulder and told me she was sorry she hadn't reacted to my comment but that it was rare for strangers to compliment one another without reason.
We chatted and made the wait in line go by much quicker and I may have made a new crafty friend, for she had knitted it herself! :)
Great post!