Tuesday, June 5

Did you watch any of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration? 

 Princess Elizabeth of York

Can you imagine having her jewelry box to play in?
Some of her spectacular tiaras and crowns...

Three CHEERS for the Her Majesty the Queen! Hip Hip...Hooray!  

Here is a sweet BBC broadcast from 1940 with Princess Elizabeth (now Queen) and Princess Margaret.

Today when I was talking to my mom about this she told me when she was in England she saw the Queen and her husband...and when in Vatican City she saw the Pope on Palm Sunday. Really Mom!  It's funny how casually she said it...
 I would be like a broken record telling everyone every chance I got. 
 That's my mom for you. 



Mitzi said...

You found some really nice photos of the Queen. She has aged really well-is still an attractive elderly woman. I found the festivities very interesting to watch. Guess that makes me a "Royal Watcher".

angie said...

It was a fantastic jubilee celebration indeed! what an amazing woman!

Diana Mieczan said...

I watched the whole thing and it was so lovely, wasn't it? Off to check out that little broadcast now. Have a great day. xoxo

Unknown said...

I did see some of the Jubilee, and am amazed at how lovely the Queen is. Thanks so much for sharing that recording!