Thursday, April 26

Second Published Article

(My second article in the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph.)

Realistically, about four of you are going to read this long article and you are most likely related to me hence feeling slightly obligated...thanks I hope you enjoy it.  For the rest of you....
In a nutshell, I was hired, by an English journal, to cover all the fashion events here in Quebec City.  The first paragraph explains the rest.  A few details, a rue- is a street (rue Saint Joseph is in the lower city of Quebec. The city has been working to restore it.  
I love the area, it has a bohemian chicness to it.

March 21st kicked off the month long Festival Québec Mode in Centre-ville de Québec. Rapidly growing fixtures in fashion, boutiques on rue Saint Joseph rolled out the red carpet combining fashion and glamor with music and entertainment. Festival Québec Mode, encompassing all things fashion, is a refreshing way for retailers to promote their stores to a style conscience audience. Open to the public, everyone was invited to attend shopping events, runway shows, makeovers, parties and exhibitions

Boudoir Lounge set the scene for one of the premier destination retailers, Novo, on April 11th. Owner Yan Aubé slid into a booth with an encouraging group of friends and family by his side. An A list crowd filled the room. A designer himself, Aubé is focused on attention to detail, not only with his own clothing line, but in all the items within his boutique located at 708, rue Saint Joseph Est. In Novo, you will find local designers, European lines and Yan Aubé’s personal Collection. “Right now I am really excited about Twin-Set” says Aubé. Twin-Set is an Italian company who seems to share his philosophy on clothing. United they provide marked individuality, contemporary appeal and a feminine fit. Equally important, Novo carries a must see, must have collection of menswear.

The delicate nature of spring veiled the chic boutique Uni(t) on the night of April 18th. Owners Ingred Nourcy and Jean Morin circulated through the room warmly greeting new and old friends as if in the comfort of their home. An overall feeling of luxury and ease encompassed the showroom. Champagne flowed and music pumped while the subtle presence of informal models lifted the heads of those in attendance. Globally labeled fashion for men and women lined the walls. There are obvious benefits to hosting a show within the intimate setting of a retail space. Most importantly, the ability to feel and touch the merchandise connects the client to the ware. The blend of vintage and contemporary apparel inspired thoughts of long carefree drives with the windows rolled down and no intention of stopping. It is a good night when reality is better than fiction.

A historical institution dating back to 1867, Laliberté tied their 145th Anniversary into Festival Québec Mode. On the night of April 19th, an exposition of sheer entertainment took the full house back in time. While audience members lip synced the words to California Dreamin’ the models took to the runway in modern day flower power apparel. Inextricably linked to days gone by, pretty florals, bold stripes and sophisticated solids proved fashion worthy of today. Laliberté may be a historic fixture in Québec, but with events like this one they are staking a claim in modern Québécois fashion. Graphic Designer and two year employee of Laliberté, Chantel Ferland said, “it is a diverse store that is continually evolving to fit the needs of their customers”. That is just what visionary Jean-Baptiste Laliberté had in mind. Historical photos and advertisements stirred “remember when” comments from Laliberté lifers who proudly shared stories with one another. The night appropriately drew to a close with applauding customers marveling at fabulous-luxurious furs, the medium that started it all.

Let's face it, most women would rather have a root canal than shop for undergarments or bathing suits. In a one-on-one interview with co-owner of Flirt, an intimate apparel and swimwear bouquet located at
525, rue Saint Joseph Est, Josee Robitaille tells QCT writer, “I am the President of the complex women of Québec club”. After sharing a sincerely hearty laugh she continued to explain that no matter where you are in life finding the perfect lingerie means finding the right place to buy it. She and daughter Véronik Simard considered every angle when designing their shop and purchasing merchandise to provide a superior shopping experience. For starters, forget about buzzing florescent lights and cold feet, their spacious changing rooms have adjustable lighting and heated floors. “We take our time and get to know our customers and we listen to their needs”, says Ms. Simard. Their attention to detail inside the shop carried over into an amazingly fun and energetic fashion show. Representing all forms of beauty the ladies utilized models of different age, size and race on the runway. Sexy, yes, but classy, respectful and fashionable could also define the pieces worn throughout the show. The passion behind Flirt makes it a destination everyone should treat themselves to.

Making a debut as the “it” apparel event, Festival Québec Mode General Director, Karine Albert, could not be more elated. “The turnout is more than we anticipated”, Ms. Albert said with a smile.

This article, compared to the last, is a little less flowery and a lot more detail. 
I had to say a lot in less than 800 words. 

Enjoy your day!



Mitzi said...

You said it very well. Proud of you.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Awesome! You wrote it very well.

Unknown said...

Well done! I hope you were paid as well as you wrote!

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL , I knew you would --BEYOND DO IT--!
I enjoyed reading your article due to the choice of words, that's the point though right ;)

Anonymous said...

great post!!

PartyMixTape said...

Hey! I'm NOT related to you and I read your article! :) I love rue St-Joseph! They have such great restaurants (TRY LARGO!) & my fav hair salon is there (Le Saint, ask for FRED!) & a great jewelry store named Mademoiselle B (...they actually carry Isabelle May jewelry - a designer I recently interviewed on PartyMixTape).

Keep posting - we're reading!
Happy weekend, Emily

Ann said...

that is one exciting job.

fruit.root.leaf. said...

Not related, not obligated, reading all the way to the end. :)

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Hello! I came to your blog, because your profile photo intrigued me. And now I see that not only one photo is cool! So, I'm glad I found you because your blog is awesome! Good job and please keep posting, because you do it great, and I start following and will visit you with pleasure!
xx nik

toko baju anak said...

I love this post because it is very very interesting.Thanks you very much for shearing this article

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann for this great article ! ( Yan Aubé from NOVO )

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