Tuesday, March 6

Bibliothèque St-Jean-Baptiste...

  I've walked by this historical site countless times over the last four years.  On more than one occasion this looming Gothic structure has stopped me in my tracks. Other times  the persistence of everyday life pulled me past without a thought. While I could clearly read the sign stating that it is in fact a library I wasn't convinced. I've never actually seen anyone walk in or out.  Timidly I entered to find this...

Library St. John the Baptist is located in the former St. Matthew's Anglican Church, next to a city park formerly associated with the church. The origin of St. Matthew's Church dates back to 1822. It was then the gravedigger's house. In 1827, the house was transformed into a temple. However, during the great fire of 1845, the temple was destroyed and rebuilt in 1848 in a Gothic Revival style.    
(Information from Google.)

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 It was sensory overload.
 I wanted to race up and down the rows...but the idea of missing something 
stabilized my eagerness. I felt like my camera couldn't capture all the details and my words would not do it justice. In this case I think less is more.

I hope you enjoyed another piece of Quebec City.



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Alexa said...

The architecture here is just amazing! Gorgeous shots!

Kate said...

That is incredible - thank you so much for showing us a slice of your world. Lots of love, Kate (from greedyforcolour) xxooxx.

Mitzi said...

Beautiful. Is it actually a working library? So glad you checked it out.