Saturday, January 21

I was up with the roosters (the coq) again today.  

With both feet I jumped back into work teaching English as a Second Language. (ESL) I started teaching the first week we arrived in 2007, so I didn't need a lot of preparation just an alarm clock. Up around 6 on a bus by 7 is a new thing for me. Oddly enough getting up hasn't been difficult, but going out into the cold has.  The first few steps always leaves prominent prints in the snow as I stiffen to brace the cold.  Then about 5 minutes into the walk the top half of my body warms up.  I get a little sweaty (never a feminine thing to say) and after 10 minutes I'm peeling layers off. 

My city living adventure has changed the way I do things.  First things first, I set down the car keys and got myself a bus pass. The parking spots here are small and few. Parking was the only stressful thing about living in the Old City thus far, so I needed to come up with a solution, after consulting a rocket scientist, I've decided to walk  or take good old public transportation.  With temperatures anywhere from -4 to 3 degrees(f)...I'm usually bundled beyond recognition. The one day I tried to look cute, as in fashionable, leaving the house left me with numb fingers, borderline frosh bite, and a red nose. 

What are you doing to say warm?
How do you get to work? Have you ever changed your routine?

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Unknown said...

Luckily, being retired, I can stay inside when it's REALLY cold!


I've been bundling up, layers and all and always like to carry a hot liquid if possible :)