Monday, December 12

The next morning.....

It's that time of year when your social calendar lights up... your husbands-cousins-in laws, the neighbor and some of your closest friends open their doors to celebrate the holidays. I can't help you with your outfits, but I can help you with a host gift.  

Put yourself in their shoes... they cleaned the house, planned the perfect menu, kept your glass full throughout the about making them breakfast.  There are countless recipes for homemade bread and so many fun ways to package them. It's an affordable....thoughtful gift that any host would be happy to receive.

Are you having a party this year?  What are some additional gift ideas you have?
Feel free to share one of your recipes...
or check out this recipe from My Blog Spark and Better Crocker

Another cute idea.



Unknown said...

I love the snowman tie tags!

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