Tuesday, October 25

The Secret Lives of Dresses

Yesterday I was having "one of those days"...
I found refuge in a new book from the library.

The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin McKean

The stunning yellow dress on the cover is what first caught my eye.
  The story has a little fashion, drama and family paired with surprising twists.  I wrapped up in my favorite blanket and read all day long. It was a fun and easy read that kept me engaged.  It was funny though, while I connected with the main character (Dora), I often found the grandmother using many of the exact quotes that I use. (Her dislike of the word moist had me giggling.)

How often do you look down and say..."how did I get here" with your wardrobe? While I REALLY love fashion (I just watched Coco before Chanel again this morning for the 100th time), I am also realistic. I find myself wanting to blend into the crowd a lot more than I want to stick out in the name of fashion.   

On many occasions I have been tempted to call What Not to Wear on myself, but I'm working with very little right now.  Honestly, I feel a little foolish dressing up when I spend most of my time alone, at the library or trudging through the woods. On the flip side, my Northface polar fleece pants are begging for a break.

I'm a chameleon in my environment, but I'm true to myself.  Wherever I am there will always be a pair of fabulous black heels, an array of scarves and a nice handbag....  ok, there's most likely a pair of flip-flops just in case too.



Mitzi said...

Very well said.

Jill said...

That book cover is very pleasing.

I have issues with the word "moist" as well.

I am so far from being fashionable it's ridiculous. It's hard for me to even hark back to all the time we used to spend in the mall! That would be a nightmare for me now.

Unknown said...

I love What Not to Wear! Stacy and Clinton are the best!