Sunday, August 14

Moving... "kinda"

Let me tell you.... there is nothing fun about moving.

I'll back up. We are getting ready to spend our last fall season in the mountains of Idaho for my husbands last year of school/research. While the thought of Idaho makes me very happy I am not great with change, even though I am constantly in a state of change.

Moving out of our apartment (that would sit empty for almost 5 months) will save us a lot of money, but there's another thing called sanity that I didn't put into the equation. We have also decided to sell most of our furniture with the idea of starting over in our next home. Where is that next home? Your guess is as good as mine, but this time next year I'll be there. I know....that doesn't make sense...but it does and I'm confident (crossing my fingers) of this.

The big "but" in this situation is that we will be returning here for a final semester next January. (Clearing my throat.) I know, I just said we are moving out, selling our stuff and packing the rest.

Yes, we are packing some stuff for Idaho. We are packing some stuff until we move to our next location. And, we are packing some stuff for when we move back here next January. Well, if you made it through that you might be shaking your head in confusion. When we move back for 4 months next January we are hoping to rent a room or a furnished apartment another thing I am (crossing my fingers about) confident in. (Wink..then a sigh.)

I hope you are ready to take this little adventure with me.

In the mean time, I am going to enjoy summer in Quebec City, play in my garden, share quality time with friends and try not to let all of this make me crazy.



Unknown said...

Wow...Talk about being organized! What is your husband researching? What will his degree be in?

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I think it is quite exciting! I moved all over the US when I wored in the horsey bix...and sometimes I miss it!
I look forward to following your adventures :) You are not alone!!!!
xo, misha and annie

Jill said...

This sounds like an adventure! I love being home and being settled, but sometimes I wish I had opportunities like this to experience other places and things. I'm excited for you!

Mitzi said...

Well, you put that all down very nicely. We will all be excited to know how your time in Idaho goes, what the 4 months back in QC will be like and finally where you are going to move and settle in. Please Lord, let it be somewhere habitable and easy to access by air. We look forward to all your adventures.LM

Anonymous said...

And those who love you two will be taking each scary/exciting/painful/joyful step with you.

kalyle said...

Sounds familiar! I have no doubt that you will make it all work, have some fabulous adventures in the process, and create what you want on the other side. xo Kara