Sunday, April 10

Gotta have it.

What is something you see in the store and your shopping mantra
"one more can't hurt" instantly starts repeating in your head?

I'm not thinking "hoard" as in the television show because that is just sad, but
what do you like to stockpile? (toilet paper doesn't count)

For some time now, I find myself with eager arms stretching for luxurious candles.
While I still purchase candles at The Dollar Store, they are simply for the light, not the fragrance.
Last year, I was given a Trapp candle and my illuminated life has been forever altered.

Let there be light and loveliness....all in one.

What's your MUST HAVE?


Unknown said...

My must have is a good book....I have way too many of them! Oh, and of course, chocolate.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

LOL candles are the same thing for me...I can't get enough, and get carried away every time I am in the store.