Thursday, February 3

Belly Up!

If you haven't heard of CSN than you've either been incarcerated
or you're a non-blogger. (snicker) do you start with 200+ stores? How about the Modern Bar Stools at All I'm sure most of you are perched on a stool right now blogging away.
Option after option...


No Back...

Extra Pretty Back...

I love going to houses with bar stools.
The kitchen is where it all happens and I don't want to miss a thing.
(Well, the kitchen or the bar....)

Do you have stools in your home?
If not, I know a good place to find some and CSN has a lot of stools with free shipping.


Leslie said...

The last one is wonderful !!!


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Thanks for your help, xoxo

Unknown said...

I like the second stool; my place is too small for bar bar.