Monday, November 1

Good Morning Switzerland

One moment I closed my eyes only to have them
open above the lush green land of Switzerland.

Traveling through the night prepared my sister and I for a day sightseeing.

With the faint sounds of the morning metropolis stretching their arms
and twisting their limbs to prepare for the day we took to the streets.
Slowly we began to rub elbows.

The smell of roasted chestnuts filled the city sidewalks
leaving our mouths watering and with curiosity to seek out the satisfaction
that had so many standing in line.
It's was a strangely delicious warm nutty treat.

Lingering hymnals danced through the streets and whispered in my ears.

Above...Fraumunster Evangelical Protest Church

Zurich is dotted with historic places of worship.
Not one could boost more than the other, the beauty was undeniable.
The community of the faithful stands erect with pride.

We boarded a floating vessel to explore the depths of Lake Zurich,
to greet the Alps in style and to
take in the city and it's surroundings.

Above/Below...Fraumunster Evangelical Protestant Church

Above...Grossmunster Evangelical Church
This structure dates back to 1100.

Above... St. Peter Evangelical Protestant Church
The largest clock-face in Europe also the oldest parish tracing back to 800.

No photos....The Kunsthaus Zurich, the museum of fine art in Zurich
with a collection of over 4000 paintings, sculptures and installations.
On exhibit... Pablo Picasso.

We stood face to face with seventy pieces by the one and only.

English narrations walked us through each painting. Sexual tension...passive aggressive
strokes (that one was for you Sis) we starred in awe of the master pieces.
Humbly we strolled through the rest of the museum.

French Impressionist-Monet
Dutch post Impressionist-van Gogh

It was overwhelming..amazing..breath taking..

Pieces I only dreamed of were there right before my eyes.
You could pinch me, but I wasn't dreaming.
I loved every minute of it.
Knowing that I might not ever have such an
experience again I left with heavy feet.
Having the memory of those grand moments are locked away in a special place.

Next stop....Lucerne


Mitzi said...

Am going to enjoy your day by day photos. I remember roasted chestnuts in London. Wonderful.

Unknown said...

great photos! Funny, I never thought much about places of worship being that plentiful in Switzerland....interesting.

Mrs. Stam said...

Awww everything look gorgeous over there!

Mimi said...

Wow, I'm so excited that you get to take such a grand adventure!


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