Thursday, November 18

36 days....

One very good idea!

Some people do not need anything for the holidays.
Those people haven't been properly introduced to

L & V Sweets
A Canadian luxury.
With just a little more than a year under their spatula,
Lara and Vanessa have made their passion a reality creating
custom cookies for every occasion.

• Holiday Elegance Gift Box 14 cookies includes;
3 Snowflake cookies
3 Tree cookies
3 Ornament cookies
3 Gift cookies
2 Mini Snowflake cookies
Price: $48.00

• Holiday Elegance Gift Box 28 cookies includes;
6 Snowflake cookies
6 Tree cookies
6 Ornament cookies
6 Gift cookies
4 Mini Snowflake cookies
Price: $84.00

Order your gift boxes early to ensure availability!

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How stinken' cute are these. better watch out because
I might have to fight you for these cookies. (Wink)

No compensation was received for sharing these tasty treats with you....
I will continue to post fantastic finds. xoxo


Unknown said...

Those cookies are beautiful. I think I will order some for my sister for Christmas. We usually get a little something for each other...that's something really special that would be a great surprise!

Queenie Jeannie said...


Those are just so gorgeous! Almost too pretty to eat, lol! Amazing!!!!!

Scientific Housewife said...

Those are so nice looking, I wouldn't even want to eat them!