Wednesday, July 28

Neon Lights

A smile can't always express the abundance of emotions that fill up inside me when I'm with my family. Yesterday, I went to a county fair with my nieces and nephew. My 16 year old niece drove halfway there, crazy!
It's like I blinked my eyes and they all grew up.
They also batted their lashes to get me on a couple rides.

My niece performed in the talent contest... the reason for going in the first place.
With a lump in my throat I watched Paige
strum her guitar and sing like no one was watching.

Videos...from another performance by Paige Maree.
(Go to Youtube for more.)

When is the last time you went to a fair? Do you go on rides?


Danielle said...

Nope I don't do rides that are not permenently attached, but I do eat cactus taters (or those potatoes the wind down to chips and cover in cheese).

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Ann! Your niece is an amazing singer! Wow! I got teary eyed listening to her too! She's fantastic!

I was just telling my kids about the joys of the county fair yesterday:) I miss the fair!

Unknown said...

She's a talented young beauty!
It's been years since I went to a fair. And I haven't been on rides since high school!

Jill said...

It's funny to see Julie and Dave and family! It's crazy to think of them having a 16 year old!

I'm impressed with Paige's singing and guitar playing. Do you two sing together much?

I can't do rides at all any more! It makes me feel like I'm 90, but I seriously have no capacity whatsoever for anything like that.

Anonymous said...

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