Saturday, March 13

My Saturday...

With Sam returned to her rightful owners only dirty floors awaited my attention at home.
So, I replaced my spring cleaning ambition with a walk...

In the photos:
The curly haired watch dog on the $10.00 chair was at a
charming little second hand store I walked through.

Quaint streets in the lower town on the waters edge.
(Saint Lawrence River)

I walked from the year-round farmers market to rue de Petit Champlain with roots dating back to the beginning of the seventeenth century. Notice the mural in a few photos. This mural illustrates historical origins of the Cap-Blanc neighborhood.
It makes me stop in mytrack every time I see it.

The photos with people ice skating is Place d'Youville. It's located in Old Quebec next to the historical wall...the entrance into Vieux Quebec.

Other random photos of items I old birds cage, an old phone and an old type writer.

The cats in the large window made me smile... cat's doing what they do best....relaxing in the sun.

And, I thought I would share with you the last bite of my tofu kung pao...

Was the weather nice in your neck of the woods?


Unknown said...

Quebec City is calling me; it's been too many years since I've been there!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I would love to come there and go shopping with you! I would have to bring Annie. Couldn't be away from her that long :)
And then the 3 of us could watch chick flicks and eat girl food! (I would bring hay for Annie!)

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog...
xo, misha

Unknown said...

love the photo collage! It would make a nice postcard. Thanks for stopping by from SITS...nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

We will be spending our 15th wedding anniversary in Old Quebec...we haven't been there since our 10th...Lovely place :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely afternoon looks like and a great way to spend it. Love the shaggy dog.