Saturday, February 6

The Power of Communication

This morning I saw four of my nieces. Together in our p.j.'s we chatted about what they have been doing. I even got to watch my brother's kids swim. I live 22 hours from my oldest sister's kids and 19 hours from my brother's kids. Without jumping on a plane or driving in the car I got to spend the morning with them.


The power of communication! Just hearing their voices and seeing their smiles was more than I could have asked for. If you don't have should. It is what makes being hundreds of miles away from the people I love with all my heart o.k. It's the next best thing to being with them.

I even got to see my 87 year old grandmother (will be 88 on Feb.11th) and her "friend" last night. They are in Florida and drove to visit my parents who are also in Florida.

*For all of you who don't like the idea of someone seeing you in the morning before your hair and teeth are brushed don't worry, it's always a little blurry and they can't smell you. (Smile)

Do you use Skype?
Do you talk with your family members a lot or often?
Are you one of the lucky ones who get to see your family?

I am not affiliated with Skype. I just love the service they provide.


Shana said...

Our nephews are only about an hour away, but we don't get to see them as often as we want. For Christmas we got everyone webcams so we can video chat instead of just talking on the phone. The boys love it. I second your endorsment.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I think it's awesome. We, too are hundreds of miles away from family and this is the next best thing!

I put your sweet comment (about going to Starbucks) on my sidebar!
It made laugh out loud!!

Will have another Ariat giveaway in the spring! (i was rooting for you!!)
xo, misha

Grilled Cheese said...

I love a good video chat.

I don't do Skype because it slows down my computer so badly, but I adore Google Video Chat because it lets me talk to my friend in Hong Kong.

Mitzi said...

I love,love, love skype. Looking at your face and talking is so much more fun. looking forward to skyping the other 2 later today.

Queenie Jeannie said...

We chatted online with Thomas when he's deployed!! Skype didn't work for us because the connection on his end always sucked so badly. But seeing and hearing him really made the distance bearable!!

Unknown said...

I have unlimited long distance on my phone, so I call my sister whe's 2 hours away very often; at least daily, and somethime several times in one day!

Liz Mays said...

I've never tried Skype before but I love how we have options to keep in touch these days!

Working Mommy said...

I do love me some Skype! I use it to talk with my parents all the time...they can't see the babe all the time and Skype makes it easier for them to see her more often!


Frogs in my formula said...

I get to see my family because we all live in CT, but I Skype with my friend in London. When we use the video it's like we get to see each other. Well, it's the next best thing.