Saturday, January 2

New Years... Oh no Jennifer and internet woes...

No internet...Sigh! I'm loitering at a different Starbucks today. Yesterday I went into one and got cited for swatting.

The problem will be resolved on Monday.

How was your New Years? Ours was very nice. Low Key. We stayed home and had another couple over. We played the game Apples to Apples, played Wii bowling, ate a lot of appetizers and drank some bubbly. The New Years celebration on t.v. was almost torturous. I'm sorry....Jenny from the Block should have been home with her twins instead of dancing in a human hair vest and a glittery bodysuit. Did anyone else see that monstrosity? I like her, I really do it was just...ummm, well, silly for lack of better words.

What did you do? Did you play any games? Did you have any yummy food? Do tell.


Unknown said...

We watched some TV, had some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and that was bed by 12:00, boring, huh?

Unknown said...

We are in the teens so indoors we are planted for the week until it warms up ... I made swiss steak, baked, a couple of games & visited all my blog-ladies. Great day!

Happy New Year! May your year bring beauty, joy & blessings ...
TTFN ~ Marydon

Jill said...

Cited for swatting, what does that mean?

I didn't see J-Lo, but did see The Black Eyed Peas on multiple channels (what the?) and Rhianna grabbing her crotch (yuck).

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

We did the same thing you did:) Our friends came over...played some board games, watched some movies and just hung out. It was wonderful!

(J~Lo was simply bizarre!)

Wishing you a magnificent New Year! Thank you deeply for being such a wonderful supportive bloggy friend!

Unknown said...

Okay, so I had to google swatting. Exactly how did you manage to get ticketed for that?

Danielle said...

NO internet again. OH poor thing. I hope its back on soon :)

Stephanie said...

We watched TV and munched on some food. Our little guy goes to bed around 7:00 p.m., so no crazy parties for us...not that we would party differently any :)

Carma Sez said...

I'm having mixed feelings about Jenny's unitard. On the one hand: eeeeegads on the other hand: bravo - she's close to my age and still rockin' it :D

kalyle said...

"Don't. Be. Fooled by the rocks that I got. I'm still (I'm still) K-dawg from the Block...." mwa ha ha =)

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