Monday, January 25

Monday To Do: Reviews...

Late November...All I remember was saying...."I am never going to find these glasses if I set them here". One would think if you had to say that to yourself you wouldn't set them there, but I decided if I said that(making a mental note) than of course I'd remember. That's a big fat NO. It was at that time, that very minute...I lost my glasses.

I almost thought it was a joke when I received an email asking me if I would like to do a review for Glasses USA. Thankfully, it wasn't a joke and now I am styling with a new pair of
f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s eyeglasses.

These are called Trumpp Black. "Be fierce and Trumpp them all with these eyeglass frames! Be controlled with crisp lines and cut corners on these metallic frames. Fashionably comfortable with adjustable nose pads for a tailored feel, being bold never looked so fierce", in their words. (That is a great description.) In my words.... To begin with they are sassy! I love the square frame. The metal is a great quality and they are very light in weight. They are cute, affordable and stylish.

The Trumpp Black Full Frames with quality single vision lenses, free case and cloth...100% satisfaction Guaranteed= $54.95 I bet you're thinking I forgot a 1 or a 2 in front of that number, but I didn't!!! Isn't that amazing! $54.95!!!

Let's be honest, when I saw the price point of their glasses I was skeptical. I thought maybe the glass will be a bit fuzzy or the metal a little warped. LOL. I questioned for just one minute that I might be getting myself into a interesting position because I did this under the conditions that I would write a review. I didn't want to have to write a bad review....I would have if they were of poor quality, with no hesitation either.

Well, color me crazy, but with this price point I just might have to get another pair. You know, just in case I set them down. (Smile.)

Glasses USA has hundreds for glasses for both men and women.

Here are the categories:
1. Full Frames
2. Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses
3. Rimless Eyeglasses
4. Classic Frames
5. Progressive Lenses
6. Retro Frames
7. Flexible Eyeglasses
8. Fashion
Just in case you need another look at these lunettes noires très chics .

Here are the prices:
1. $18.00 - $36.00
2. $36.00 - $54.00
3. $54.00 - $72.00
4. $72.00 - $90.00
5. $90.00 - $108.00
Are you wondering like I was how can they offer these prices? It's a pretty easy answer, Glasses USA has their own laboratories. They pride themselves on being affordable, accurate and honest.

If your any thing like me (Oh..I'm so sorry if that is the case) now you are saying to yourself..."I don't need new glasses" or "I just got new eyeglasses last year" than it's o.k. Glasses USA has sunglasses too! Now, there is no excuse! At these prices why not, right! I've never had prescription sunglasses, but I've always wanted's looking like I'll be getting my first pair very soon!!!

Although, this is a review based completely on my own feelings and not because I got free glasses I would like to offer one person a 15% savings. Just leave me a message telling me when was the last time you got new glasses? Or, let me know what pair of glasses you like best...

Thanks Hillary for finding me! Thanks to all of you who read this review, I really appreciate you and feel lucky to have so many great blog friends.

In closing.... all you need to do to get a new pair of glasses for yourself is:
1- Get your prescription from your DR. ( I called Costco and had it faxed to Glasses USA.)
2- Pick out your frames
3- Use a Visa, Master Card, American Express or PAYPAL.
4- Wait (not a long time) to get your glasses in the mail

Happy To Do Review....Monday!


Unknown said...

They're definitely cute on you!
How do you get asked to do a review?

Jill said...

Cute! I don't wear glasses, but if I did.

Anonymous said...

you look so adorable :)mona

brokenteepee said...

They do look great on you!

Queenie Jeannie said...

You look so cute!! Love 'em on you!

Mitzi said...

The glasses look great. What a deal.
It is fun to see your smiling face.

prashant said...

They're definitely cute on you!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just echoing everyone else, but the glasses look really cute.