Thursday, December 31


Yup, it was serious. My internet wasn't working again yesterday and today for that matter.

I'm at Starbuck's and I must add that they have the heat blasting. I would be in my under-roos if I wasn't 25 lbs. over my desired weight...just to prove a point. I'm just saying.....goooosshhhh! <---- Did I sound like any of your teenagers? My friend had me rolling the other day when she was talking about her daughter's new "Oh my gooooosssshhhh, Mommmmmm".....teenage talk.

So, let me get right to the New Years talk. I'm setting New Years resolutions. Are you? And, I am calling them resolutions because even if I try to convince myself that they are "a change in my ways" they are still New Years Resolutions... Disclaimer, if I do not stick with them, oh well. At least I am going to try, right. <---That was written for me. For when I read this in three weeks and I haven't a clue what my "resolutions" are. Sigh!

All that "goal" talk has me reaching for my anxiety meds. I need a stiff drink when we start talking about money. I just really dislike "money talks". I usually grab a brown paper bag to breathe in and out of when we have "those" talks.

No joke, someone is telepathic in here. A steady stream of "freezing" air is coming through the door next to me right now. See, just the thought of me striping down has people running to open doors. (Insert giggles with chattering teeth.) Off to do stuff. You know, write down these "resolutions", take photos of myself in something that resembles a bathing suit to be able to show before and afters...scratch that thought.

Happy New Year to all of you!
I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. (Raise your glass) Here's to 2010! (Scene fades and all you hear is Auld Lang Syne. You know the song that everyone know the first sentence to and only the first sentence....(Am I alone on this boat?)

Tap.. tap... Is this thing still on? Oh well, have a special ending to 2009. Be safe! I'll talk to you next year.


Anonymous said...


I'm definitely going to set a resolution or three. Just not sure what they are yet...

The Whispering Creek House said...

Oh man! Im already breathing in the bag about my "resolutions" Whatever! goes the teen inside just do it! lol

Jill said...

Money talk sends me running for a paper bag too!

I can't decide if I'm going to make resolutions or not, I fear failure and haven't done very well with them the past year, aargh.

The underoos image totally cracks me up, would they be Wonder Woman perhaps?

Unknown said...

Am getting a visual of those Wonder Woman underoos! lol
I am resolving to not make any resolutions for 2010. That way I won't have to regret not having kept them as I have in past years.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I did something a bit different as per resolutions this year...

Happy New Year and thank you for visiting on my special SITS day!!

PS Do they still make UnderRoos???

Mitzi said...

No resolutions for me. I will take life as it comes and try to appreciate every moment. That in itself is a big job.
Happy New Year to you both.

Amy said...

Happy New Year..

Unknown said...

Starbucks has the best wi-fi doesn't it? Maybe that's why the drinks are so expensive, so they can pay for their bandwith! :o)

My best, Lynn
*swing on by my place, I am hosting a giveaway extravaganza this week!

Debbie said...

And I wish for you a wonderful 2010!
Plus, why do they keep those places so hot?

Liz Mays said...

Oh no, you must get that internet fixed ASAP! Thank goodness for places like Starbucks though. Maybe it's all the laptops heating up the joint.

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

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