Thursday, December 3

It's that time

I started....

So, I got a phone call last night, a really good phone call, no a fabulous phone call....
my Mom is coming to visit me in two days. It will be her first visit to Quebec. I can not wait.
(Insert child like squeals.)

Then I got another fabulous call, my husband used a satellite phone to let me know
he was thinking of me... it was a GREAT night. I was really happy to hear he is safe and his research is going really well.
(Insert a big smile.)

Tonight, I went with a few friends to Happy Hour, which is called Cinq a Sept ( 5-7).
It was hosted by The Voice of English Speaking Quebec in a beautiful old
English library in the Old City and . It was a nice size gathering with everyone speaking in English. There were appetizers, giveaways (No, I didn't win.) and spirits. I'm glad I went.
I met many people including the new mayor of Quebec City.

Have you started decorating?


Unknown said...

I love Quebec City. I used to go visit every year. I confess, it's been 15 years or more since my last visit. There was a restaurant within walking distance of the Chateau Frontenac called
The Bonaparte, I think. There was a statue of Napoleon outside. They served the most incredible beef meal--the meat was in the middle of a platter with mashed potatoes and veggies all around it. And of course the wonderful bread! Ah, the memory of it all! My mouth waters!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Your Mom coming to visit is just what you need :)
Blessings, Misha

elvira pajarola said...

Dear Ann,great hearing you are fine and telling all those really touching "news"....!
I love the library.....absolutely gorgeous and romantic....
romantic too your sweet DECO!!!!!
about deco-work: you know what I am doing? I am shopping in my
NATURAL SUPERMARKET STORE = MY WOODS and FIELDS = Where I find all what I need for my CHRISTMAS Deco !
As soon as I have DONE something I?ll show you, ok?
It's raining and puuring: my Decorations are still wet.....

have a great weekend!
ciao elvira

Jill said...

Your decorations look beautiful! I love your brick wall.

How exciting that your mom is coming to visit! I hope you two will take lots of self-portraits and that you will teach her how to blog so she can get going on hers.

That library looks so wonderful, I've never been in a room like that before.

We put up most of our decorations on Tuesday, but still have more to do. I always hang garlands on our front fences outside, but it has been insanely cold this week so I haven't wanted to go out and do it.

Liz Mays said...

it's looking so pretty over there! :)

I'm so glad your friends are taking good care of you and that your hubs called! :)

minishoes1 said...

I am glad you your mother is going to visit! I am very close to my mom and always glad when she visits! It sounds like you had fun with your friends, too.
I love decorating for Christmas. I always buy ornaments every yr,even though I have a ton already. My husband knows I am a ornament addict. lol The tree is up and we are going to decorate it today. We have 5 Christmas stockings up. 2 for us and our 2 dogs and cat. Next saturday, Ginger Bug, our Chihuahua is going to see santa clause at petsmart and get her pic taken. (its a tradition)I am glad 5.00 of the proceeds goes to the humane society.

Beth P. said...

Sounds like a great day! We just started decorating but are almost done. I'm so excited its that time!

LCO's said...

It's nice to see someone excited about decorating, you should pass that on to me. Oh and the talent of decorating. Never been to Quebec but one day I'll go to Amsterdam for health reasons ya know.