Saturday, November 7

What Difference Do it Make?

Sometimes we just get lucky... I was reading title after title trying to find a new book to read and without judging a book by it's cover I picked, "What difference do it make?" and luck was on my side.

This book follows, "Same Kind of Different as Me", but don't let that stop you from reading it first. There are clearly marked inserts from the first book that will allow you to jump right in and enjoy.

Ron Hall, a new spirited art dealer that has done very well for himself. Denver Moore, a man known for wise and insightful words despite his struggles with illiteracy. By the beauty of Ron's deceased wife, Deborah Hall, and her dream to help the homeless Ron and Denver set out to make a difference while forming a lasting friendship.

As the loss of his wife destroys his world, Ron works through the sadness by honoring his wife and her wishes, beyond any of their exceptions. After Same Kind of Different as Me, and the well received popularity, city after city placed more awareness on their homeless problems. As advocates, Denver and Ron went across the country making sure not only were their words being heard, but making sure action was taken.

Without re-typing the entire book I've picked two of my favorite paragraphs from the book to share with you:

Denver: "It really bothers me that white folks would go to all that trouble to catch a fish, then when they done caught it, just throw it back in the water"..... "So, Mr. Ron, it occurred to me: If you is fishing for a friend you just gon' catch and release, then I ain't got no desire to be your friend...But if you is looking for a real friend, then I'll be one. Forever."

Mandy: After reading about Deborah Hall's commitment to the homeless, Mandy knew she, too. wanted to make herself available for whatever God wanted her to do. Knowing she wanted to make a difference for kids, but not knowing how, she cried out to God in prayer. "Whatever You can do to help me find my purpose , Lord, just lead me" she prayed. "Let me fulfill Your purpose and, in doing so, be fulfilled. I know I'm here for a reason. Just show me what to do."

Without the cape of a super hero or the name dropping of the rich, people just like you and I enveloped the kindness of Debbie. Within the pages of What Difference Do it Make? you'll read how little kids and grown adults move from turning a blind eye to taking small steps for the homeless in their cities. These real accounts tug at your heart, make you smile and enhance your curiosity from "not me" to "maybe me too". (See Mandy above.)

If you want to focus solely on the words the messages are in the text. There is always the option to see how this book fits into your life by using the words to mold a better you.

If you would like to purchase this book for yourself or a friend go to the upper right hand side of my blog and click on HAND PICKED BOOKSTORE, my new Amazon bookstore. (This was not a request from any publisher or's something I choose to do because I like the book that much.)


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing this... I will have to look for the books...

Unknown said...

It's obvious these books had an impact one you. Thanks for sharing.

larkswing said...

Thanks for sharing this! This is an issue/opportunty that keeps being brought to the spot light lately. Love it!

Laura said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking about reading this for a I definitely need to pick it up.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I just finished this and it was awesome! Thanks for the review to let others know.
And thank you so much for the seewt post you left. I truly appreciate the time fellow bloggers take to comment. It makes my day! YOU made my day :)

Liz Mays said...

This sounds like a really nice book to remind us it's not all about us.