Monday, November 2

Doritos, the devil and a pig

I curse the person who brought Doritos to our Halloween party and didn't take
them home with you....
(and I secretly praise you for making such a wise decision)

Doritos...the cheesy triangles with 13 grams of fat within 19 tasty chips.

If I could find the battery charger for my camera I would have shared photos of me
enjoying the bold nacho cheese yumm-i-ness.

Here are some photos from our get together....

My husbands obsession of ungulates (hoofed mammals) carried into our Halloween decor with the Browning deer symbol.

Me as the red head devil.

The most creative and fab-u-lous costume.... The Swine Flu....Flew, get it.
(A play on words with a pig nose and wings.)


Jill said...

I always keep the nutritional information on packages facing away from me so as not to be tortured with the info. I always forget how much I like Doritos until they show up at a party.

You look good as a red head.

Mitzi said...

Very funny!

Liz Mays said...

Those are great costumes! I don't trust the pig though. She looks tricksy. ;)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

LOL! Chilly was the swine flu at our Halloween party too! He was a huge hit!