Sunday, August 16

WAT-AAH! Anyone? ... It's a giveaway for everyone!

Everyone is a winner...with WAT-AAH!

I was contacted to do a survey on the marketing of a new product. Not only did the packaging grab my attention, so did the product.

WAT-AAH! Wants to help promote healthy kids through healthy hydration! Combining the "mom focus" with the kids desire, together they created a cool name, an eye catching logo...a drink without sugar, what? Yes, drinks that promote health, hydration, bone growth, better brain function and energy. WAT-AAH! Brain, Bones, Body and Energy. Click HERE TO VISIT WAT-AAH! to read more.

Join Healthy Kids Drink WAT-AHH! You and your kids will get to sample WAT-AAH...then share your story. I got mine in a matter of days. Just tell them ANN sent you. (I will not receive any form of compensation.) Get started HERE!

What do you think...are you going to take the challenge? I am having a giveaway for anyone who takes the challenge- leave a comment and you will be entered.

MORE...Lots more giveaways HERE!


Clueless_Mama said...

I have signed up for the challenge. Thanks for making me aware of it :)

Winning Readings said...

I've signed up!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com