Friday, August 21

On the road...

Pit stop at the parents....

Without fail my mother was fluttering (then stubbing her toe and banging the cupboards) around the kitchen when we arrived.(Thanks for the yummy eggplant.) It has only been a month since we have seen my parents, but it is always fun to come "home".

Soon the house was buzzing with friends and family. As luck would have it my aunt and uncle who live in Indiana had arranged a visit while I was there. What a treasured time! I love to hear stories about my dad when he was younger. I also love to see him around her.

Happy Birthday Aunt D...and Happy Anniversary to the two of you! 51 years?

Breezing through the door like a beautiful summer day, my best friend since school and her two boys arrived for dinner. It was hours of laughter and youthful entertainment. (Thanks B. it was sooo sweet of you to travel over an hour.)

The morning opened the door to more company of the family kind...I heart my family! My older sister (I had to put that in there because she looks so young and I got jealous looking at the photo...hee hee) and her three kids drove over 40 minutes to hang out with us. Like a good aunt I taught them how to shop on Ebay.

(Reviewing WAT-AHH, it was a thumbs up...more on that later.)

Through my thin black frames (off for the photo) the white lines stretched from one state to another. (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa)

First stop...Cabela's (I spent more than my husband- what's up with that?)

Next stop, Hank's down home cookin', but they didn't open for another hour....We then found "The Bright Spot". Let's just say I'm not sure how they got the name.

*We are trying to stop at local restaurants along the way...Today my lunch, which happened to be breakfast food, cost $2.70, but than I ordered a piece of coconut cream pie for the road...with a moment of hesitation, I wanted to eat it all myself, I shared it. What a good day it was! More tomorrow....

What did you do today?


LaVonne said...

I like traveling posts. My husband has taken a new position and we will be traveling 6 months of the year around the country. Exciting times! Plus, we are buying a house for the first time as our "home base". Yay! Blessings to you this weekend.

Amy said...

My day has just started. I have not done much but eat breakfast, and watch some t.v. I think my family will go for a walk..