Saturday, August 22

Just ask!

I really doesn't hurt to ask...

We started traveling a lot over the last few years. We have also become monetarily challenged since making the decision to attend 4-5 more years of schooling while my husband gets his doctorate. (The two topics coincide.)

Queen of cutting corners, Princess of pinching's all good. I'll take that tiara, the sash and wear them with pride...just make sure there is a splash of pink and some sparkles.

Like the other trips we have gone on, I am doing my part to make it affordable. It is my job to get the hotel rooms. (Rooms when we are not camping...)The first hotel was asking $79.00, the second hotel $99.00 and the third $140.00. We paid $45.00, $55.00 and $99.00...all because I asked if there were any rooms for a lower price or are there any specials that I am not aware of. Just by being honest and letting them know I need a lower price...I got one.

So, just ask...all that can happen is you get a no. That's o.k. there is always another room to rent. The best part is, every time I walk into a hotel I leave knowing the person not the worker..the person working at the desk. Everyone has a story. Like Gwen at the last hotel we stayed. She is Native American and is just learning the value of her culture. It is amazing what you can learn if you are willing to listen. (Thanks Gwen!)

Just ask!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome advice. :) Thanks!

thatgirlblogs said...

oooh I want a vacation. will use this tip. hotels usually get cross eyed once they realize there are 6 of us.

Anonymous said...

That's good to know. Was it a nice room that they gave you with all the amenities of the other rooms?

Susan Campbell Cross said...

What a very good point. What's the worst thing that can happen? They can say "no". And then you can either find another place, or just say, "OK...Just thought I'd ask," and go ahead with the price quoted. Either way you're better off knowing you got the best deal possible for your family.

Thanks for reminding me of this very good policy!

Emmy said...

My husband is the king and asking and negotiating. He has even been offered jobs by different sales people.
So I just let him do the work. :)
Thanks for coming by my blog.

SarahHub said...

That is great advice!