Sunday, August 9

A day... an experience in Quebec City #1

If you look around the city or state you live really look....I bet you'll find places, destinations others come to see that you just over look. I live in a pretty cool city and I am going to start sharing it with you.

Bienvenue (<--welcome) to Quebec City!

It's never easy driving in Quebec City. Aggressive drivers leave me white knuckled and frazzled, but nothing can stop me when I'm on a mission to visit, Marché du Vieux-Port (<--Market of the Old man-Port) or the more common name, the farmers market.

There is something about the farmers market that makes me feel good. All my senses are in over drive as I walk the narrow aisles. My eyes bouncing from one stand to the next with visions of recipes dancing in my head.

The fluid rhythm of French words greet me upon eye contact. I hide behind my limited vocabulary with a pleasant smile and a warm "Bonjour". Slowly, each bag is filled by the green thumb of hard working Quebecois.

The 15 minutes it takes for me to get there can not go fast enough. Yet, time stands still as I thump and smell the ingredients for dinner. A loonie here and a toonie there, my change purse is emptied. I shuffle out the door, dragging my feet, knowing the work is now upon me. Ahhh, but I have the lost art of canning up my sleeve. (Next post)

Location: The north end of the Louise basin, between the Gare du Palais (palace station) and the Old Port, 160 rue St-André.
History: Written in English Click Here

Do you have a local farmers market? Do you go there? Tell me about it.

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Mitzi said...

What a wonderful market. Everything looks so good. It must be very tempting. I must visit there someday. MEXO

larkswing said...

Looks like a great market. We do not have farmers markets in this part of the state - just road side stands that all sell the same thing. Kinda sad, huh?

Cassie said...

It all looks wonderful! I'm in the same boat as Lailani. Just road side stands. And they all sell corn. Lots of corn.

Amy said...

Wow what fun. I think we have a farmers market but not close by so I do not go. I will next time I see one.

Leslie M. said...

Oh those fresh fruits and Veggies!!! YUM!
framboise! YUM... YOUR pictures are amazing!
To a vegetarian.. this is paradise!
Thanks so much!

Deb said...

Oh, now I'm even more starving. Time for breakfast!

Very cool blog. Visiting from SITS.

JennyMac said...

Those pics are amazing! Craving perfect fruit right now...thanks!

Ms. Wanda said...

Ok, these pictures are mouth watering! I'm from NJ, I used to live around the corner from Whole Foods! Now I'm outside ATL and the only market I know of is 30 minutes away:( Thinking about growing my own!
Thanks for coming by my site:)
Have a great day!

Ms. Wanda said...

Oh and it wasn't my birthday, I was the 41st person to make roll call on SITS and I was excited because normally I'm like 385;)