Friday, July 31

Free Chocolate!

What is better than free chocolate on Fridays? Thanks to The Mommy Files I get to share this with you.
Every Friday, through the end of September, Mars is giving away up to 4 FREE candy bars per household to the first 250,000 who register. Good Luck!

Another giveaway...see the post below this one or click on my "giveaway" tab above.


Avenir labs said...

I register and i got five chocolate coupons.

Anonymous said...

Hi SITSer,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love Free Chocolate Fridays and have gotten 2 coupons before. Visit my family friendly reviews and giveaways any time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Honey!! I've moved my blog over to another spot. Just wanted to let you know where I was :)

Tim said...

Thats pretty cool! Thanks Ann!

Love and Prayers,


Mama of Litlles said...

What a great blog I just had to follow! I found you on sits. Happy Weekend!