Saturday, May 9

Giveaway Winners

We have some winner to announce....

Drum roll (make the noise...come on...a little louder...) Congratulations to Babyrocasmama/ Last Shreds of Sanity. I can not wait to see what Sara at Subjective Beauty creates for you!
Chocolate anyone? There were some seriously funny titles for my porn shop running pants.... Thanks for laughs, but there can only be one winner. Congrats to Krystal who said..."The time I didn't run past the Porn Shop".
Thanks to The Little Black Dress, I was able to host a giveaway featuring her beautiful stationary. The lucky winner is MiMi....Congrats!

Once I get my a$% in gear oops I mean act together...I have another Fab-u-lous-ly wonderful tasty giveaway to share with you. Give me 24 hours!

Thank you again for reading and taking time to share your thoughts with me. I heart comments.


Oskar said...

Oh yeah! How wonderful!!!

Krystal said...

Yummy! I'm so excited to win chocolate! :)

Shan G said...

I cannot believe I won! First because I never win anything and second because I just won a $50 GC to Chili's through TwitterMoms. This was a pretty good week.

Now, if only that damn Publisher's Clearing House Guy would stop lying to me and show up with a big check....LOL

Dr. Mommy said...

congratulations!!! and how much do i love the name "babyrocasmama"? awesome.