Wednesday, December 17

SPT= Self Portrait Tuesday..,No internet...Oh NO!

It was a tragic internet. I had a list of blogging to do By the time I got home from work my post would have sounded something like this, "Tired I so, not can blog tonight." Needless to say I went to bed. My body would not move, but my mind was racing. I already have a problem with writing and skipping words, so I decided not to attempt emptying my mind. NOW, I am off to assist in a helicopter take off and landing. Something I do almost biggie. Right! This helpful gesture is actually getting me out of riding in the helicopter. I will sit with the fuel tank while watching my husband dart in and out of Ponderosa the bird. We have just a few days left to find those elk and get our collars back. If you want a better understanding of what I mean just let me know, I can get you the 411 on our mission. :D

So, Happy Tuesday. (Pretending yesterday did not happen.) SPT=Comfort

I could run out of space talking about my comfort...there a just a few:

What can be more comforting than leaving a place and knowing they are excited for your return. Comfort, the Christmas e-cards my mom has been sending me everyday for almost the last two weeks because this Christmas season hasn't been very Christmasy for me. Walking to walk without my bear spray. (I forgot it and didn't turn around to go get it. I am either making strides or I am getting stupidly comfortable.) Comfort, holding a dog, hugging a dog and seeing a dogs tail wag when you call their name...even when you saw it 5 minutes ago.

When I get back from the chopper it will be Wednesday....sound good?


Lianne said...

No Internet is like having a limb cut off. The hubby and I wanted to order a pizza last night, so I was going to order on-line and he was going to pick up from neighboring town 30 minutes away as he drove home from work.

The second I hit "order," the net goes down. Hubby says, "No problem, just call them." I say, "Hubby, I don't have their number." He says "Google it." I sigh in a very frustrated way. Did I mention he works in managing computer systems?

p.s. Did I bump my head and miss out on who won your smell-good stuff give-away? It has happened before.

Jill said...

I feel like a part of me is missing when I don't have access to the internet. It also makes me wonder what I used to do all the time before I had high speed at home or before blogging.

I'd like the 411 on all the helicopter stuff. I hope you're taking pictures, that sort of thing isn't the norm you know.

Your mom is sweet to be sending you daily ecards to make things more Christmasy for you. I sent you something and am really hoping it gets there before you leave on Saturday.

Crystal Rae said...

No internet, that sucks! LOL

Colleen said...

Thanks for stopping by last week. I too have been sans internet...well, I had it at work, but I cannot get to anything fun. (i.e.-blogspot)
What a cute pup in that picture! I love when mine wags her tail even though I kept her cooped up in a cage all day.

Anonymous said...

No internet is a rotten feeling. It's amazing to me that I can't remember being without it. I think I cooked more. ;)

Dr. Mommy said...

oooh! i love that dog!
i hate it when the internet goes down. it sucks!!!