Sunday, August 30

Day 2 in the woods

We had to drive into town....

Day two:

The nightly crackles and pops brought me to attention on numerous occasions. My knight in a shining down sleeping bag whispered light breaths in and out. Asleep with no apprehensions. He always says that he would rather die in the woods by an animal than by a meth-head in need of his next fix.

Slowly the morning sun sang like a rooster through the window. I lied there cozy in my sleeping bag for as long as my bladder would allow. Rolling from side to side trying to postpone the inevitable, the cold morning air, the dew laden ground and the trek to the perfect potty spot.

Dark clouds danced with the sun for most of the day. Our first narrow road outing prepped me for the next. It is not like riding a bike where you might ride it for a month then not again until the next summer picking up where you left off. It has been over five years of tight rope driving along the narrow, rugged roads and I still have a paralyzing fear when looking over the edge and looking down a couple thousand feet. I am constantly putting my trust in the gravel to grip the tires instead of dancing across. Fast or slow..... We debate over seat belts or not. Without there is a chance of being thrown, which might be beneficial considering the drop or in the event that a tree breaks your fall it would be wise to have the seat belt on....... Is there any other place to completeness such fate?

Without hesitation...I am here to report it took only one full day, I am now into the groove and look forward to tomorrows adventure.

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Mitzi said...

Happy to hear you are back in the groove. We are keeping you in our prayers. Enjoy your days. You are envied by many. Love, MEXO