Sunday, August 30

Day 1 in the woods

Day One:

Looking back, I didn't want to leave the ranch which made it very hard to enjoy the first part of the day. My huge love of animals can get in the way of almost all other emotions. A few of the animals looked as if age and use have taken a toll on them. I realize that is just life, but I'm not completely at ease by the thought of this happening to anybody or thing that I love and care for.

When the gravel road began my heart sank deeper. I could feel the need fight or flight. Well, I'm certainly not looking to go Mike Tyson on a mule deer so, my obvious second choice was flight. If only my Cessna was handy. Without a hint or a sign my anxiety can kick in. Here I am surrounded by beautiful pine trees, rolling rivers and my heat is racing as fast as the rapids. Every circle of the tire I was spiraling into panic.

Unpacking the truck put my body at easy (go...go....go....)and created a playground for my thoughts. And why wouldn't it be a bit overwhelming? I am an hour from any form of livable habitat outside of my not always friendly four legged friends.

Into the dark of night both my mind and body started to relax. (Thank goodness!) Without fail (my not so useful thoughts of the bad kind) surfaced, my husband and I heard to sound of enemy invasion. Crack! Snap! Crack! Snap! He sat and watched- waited...while I took off to safety. It never did rear it's head, but it definitely made an impact on me. Bear, moose, elk.... I know I'm a visitor within your home, I will be thoughtful.

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