Wednesday, December 5


It has been a wonderful couple days at the cottage.  I had reservations about being here alone at night without my husband and dog (no curtains on the windows---pretty during the day....creepy at night), but it ended up being so nice.  Yesterday, I did another "first".  I went pop"corn" picking.  I had no idea that I was driving by a popcorn field for the last 6  months until yesterday. I was doing an errand (which in involved a ram...) with a friend and he told me if I wanted any I could go right out there and pick some cobs.

It really does look like this...(below)
                                         Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

That's is just what I did..... a 5 gallon bucket in fact. Who doesn't like a little popcorn now and then...right?  In fact, just last month my aunt made delicious popcorn balls.  I'm thinking I need to make a phone call and get the recipe.

What do you put on your popcorn?  Do tell.....

Have a wonderful. and thanks for stopping by!
                                                                  Source: via Emily on Pinterest


Diana Mieczan said...

Now I am craving popcorn:) Btw: that photo looks so cool! Have a cozy day, sweetie.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

HAHA Diana took the words right out of my mouth. I am craving popcorn now as well. Great blog by the way :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love popcorn!!!! We have a StirCrazy machine and it makes the best popcorn ever! Just a bit of salt - no butter needed! Yummmmy!

carma said...

very interesting - my husband plants about 20 popcorn plants each year. the popcorn is specially "formulated" - they pop up a bit smaller than Orville's but he loves it. Sounded a little weird when I told the boy scouts selling popcorn that we grow our own - especially since we live in the middle of the suburbs!

Anonymous said...
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