Wednesday, October 17

Ever Changing....

There is nothing like a warm cup of coffee and my new dog by my side first thing in the morning. It might be the first time in weeks I feel like I can blog. I've missed it. I had no idea how often I referenced blogging when talking. Pinterest too. It sparks my creativity and keeps me in-the-know. Double edge I guess because when I'm not feeling creative I don't like the posts I write. Therefore, I have countless "saved" posts in waiting. Do you do the same thing? 

I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately.  It's a funny thing you know.  Talking to people you do not "know" yet eventually you find yourself wondering how they are doing and caring about them.  You're a part of their life and they yours yet, I've never met a blogger friend in

My blog is a place where my dreams and present life meet. It's where I play dress up, talk about products and decorate my house. It has been a place where I share my thoughts, my day to day life and people who surround me.  It's "ever changing".  I'm not always sure what I'll do next, but I'm always glad to come back after a long break.



Mitzi said...

Glad you're back.

Eva Gallant said...

Good to read you again! And I did meet one blogger friend, the Midget Man of Steel, Rodney LaCroix. He's as funny irl as he is on his blog.