Thursday, February 23

Lead Stick....

While my days of red lipstick have truly been minimized to almost nil,
 I still love the look of it and the idea of it. 

Just last week I was having a conversation with a friend about toxins in cosmetics. (She who wears little and I who wear...some.)  A part of me was like..".oh well"  (I love it. I use to sell it. I love it. I would still sell it. I love it.)  and then I got to thinking about the responsibility of the cosmetic companies and we the consumers. My "oh well" faded into the back of my mind, but didn't go away. There was a little nagging...lingering thought. Ironically, I ran across this article today about the percent of lead in lipstick. New FDA analysis finds lead in all 400 lipstick products tested

Though the FDA maintains that the amounts of lead found are not dangerous, their site does note "Although we do not believe that the lead content found in our recent lipstick analyses poses a safety concern, we are evaluating whether there may be a need to recommend an upper limit for lead in lipstick in order to further protect the health and welfare of consumers."

I'm not going to throw away my makeup or my lipstick. 
 Lord knows I wouldn't do such a crazy thing like that. No. No. No. 
I guess I just like the idea of educating myself...and you.  

  1. Thoughts?

P.s. Did you know there was lead in candy bars?
A little more lead info.
If you're interesting in alternative cosmetics...or more education.


Anonymous said...

Lead in candy bars? Wow, that doesn't sound healthy. I know Sephora has a new line, (the name is escaping me), but it's not supposed to have anything harmful in it. I'll take the risk to have my favorite hue, (spoken by a true make up junkie). Thanks so much for stopping by Inspired Design yesterday.... I am now happily following you! xo

amy b.s. said...

i so love the way red lips looks, but seriously have a heck of a time find a shade that actually looks good on me!

Gorgeous Glam said...

I'm working on this very issue myself ;) happy healthy cosmetics! Lord help me ;) xx