Tuesday, December 20

Interstate I 80

1912 miles...31 hours....
That is a lot of "us" time in the truck. Don't tell my husband... I enjoy every minute.

Along the way:
~ Twinkling Christmas lights  provide hours of entertainment
~ Take time to thank the employees at gas stations with clean bathrooms
~ Eating in instead of driving through is a great way to meet locals
~ Black ice is so scary!
~ Stopping at every Cabela's and Bass Pro...is not my favorite, but provides great people watching and puts my husband in a good mood
~ Nebraska has a lot of cows! Moo



Unknown said...

I much prefer driving cross country to flying...there's so much to see!

Jill said...

Wow that's a long drive! I'm not a fan of long road trips anymore, I can't stay awake plus I get way stressed in the winter conditions...I feel like a fussy 80 year old.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I adore road trips and would rather drive than fly anytime!!!!
How are you?
Give us a post, sweet friend!!!
xo, misha

스마트한걸 said...

I have already come.
As I promised that I would come again, I have already come. Now all the people around the world must listen to this message,

"I have already come"